is the Proud Sponsor of the Canadian Baseball Umpire Camps

Nov 1st, 2018


We are the proud sponsor of the Canadian Baseball Umpire Camps located in Ontario, Canada. The camp is ran by Canadian MiLB Umpire Steven Jaschinski. The inaugural class featured 30 umpires looking to gain knowledge of the 3-umpire system.

Group Photo of Students and Instructors

In addition to Jaschinski, MiLB instructors include Triple-A umpires Nic Lentz (MLB Call-Up, 300+ MLB games) and Chris Graham, Double-A umpires Takahito Matsuda and Chris Marco and Single-A umpire Ben Rosen. The staff has umpired a combined 3000+ MiLB regular season games, 10 MiLB Championship Series' 7 MiLB All-Star games and 14 MLB spring training games.

CBUC Instructors
CBUC Instroctors (Left to right)

Lisa Turbitt, Takahito Matsuda, Chris Marco, Steven Jaschinski, Nic Lentz, Chris Graham, Ben Rosen

In the winter of 2019, CBUC will be hosting an Advanced 2-Umpire System Training Program and Certification Course, also located in Ontario, Canada.

We are proud to support umpires in Canada. We supply more umpire shirts, pants, shoes and equipment to Canada than any other country outside the U.S.

For more information, visit the Canadian Baseball Umpire Camps' official website.


CBUC 2018 Highlights

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