RefSmart Universal Game Day Timer Now Compatible for College Baseball

Jan 23rd, 2023

RefSmart Universal Game Day Umpire / Referee Timer

RefSmart has updated the Universal Game Day Timer to be used in conjunction with the NCAA Pitch/Between Innings Clock Protocol Update of 2023.

Pitchers will have 20 seconds to deliver the pitch. Teams will have 120 seconds from the final out of the inning to the first pitch of the next inning. When there is no on-field clock, the base umpire is responsible to keep time.

When set for baseball, the RefSmart Timer functions:

  • 20 Second Timer (Toggle Up): Warning vibration with 10 seconds remaining. Continuous vibration (lasting 5 seconds) when the timer has reached 20 seconds
  • 120 Second Timer (Toggle Down): Warning vibration with 30 seconds remaining and with 15 seconds remaining. Continuous vibration at 0:00.

Find the complete NCAA Clock Operation Guide (Updated January 2023).

NOTE: All timers come programmed at 25/40 (for football). Click here for instructions to change the timer settings.

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