RefSmart Universal Game Day Timer Instructions

May 13th, 2019

The RefSmart Universal Timer can be used by football officials, baseball umpires and lacrosse referees. See the instructions below to set your timer to the correct time settings. Note: if purchased from, the defualt time setting for your timer will be 25/40.

changing timer mode

  • Remove the lid with a flat head screw driver. There are three indentations along the seam of the timer. You should use a flathead screwdriver to pop the cover.
  • Inside you will see the small DIP switches just above the power switch (see image below)
  • To move the switches use a pen, paperclip or small flathead screw driver. Poke through the film and move the switch.
  • Switch 1 controls audible/silent. To the left is vibrate only, to the right is audible tone and vibrate.

  • Use the following configurations (note: switch 1 is closest to the bottom)
    • 25/40 (silent): Switch 2 to the right, all others to the left
    • 25/60 (silent): All switches to the left
    • 20/90 (silent): Switches 2 & 3 to the right, all others to the left
    • 20/120 (audible): Switches 1 & 3 to the right, all others to the left.

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