Champion Body Armor Umpire Chest Protector

P2 Champion Sports Body Armor Umpire Chest Protector

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  • P2 Champion Sports Body Armor Umpire Chest Protector
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A hard shell at a soft shell price, the Champion Sports Body Armor Umpire Chest Protector provides more coverage in more sizes. Besides the 13" size, it also has larger 15" and 17" size options not available in most hard shell umpire chest protectors.


  • Outside plastic shield provides more protection.
  • Soft foam padding with closed cell mesh cover is breathable and keeps moisture away from the body.
  • Extra wide side protection for greater rib protection
  • Raised shoulder protection with double shoulder caps
  • Velcro attached body pads
  • 4-Way adjustable harness
  • 3 sizes in length (throat to bottom): 13" (2.2lbs), 15 "(2.6lbs) and 17" (2.85lbs)

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Customer Reviews


Jacob P.


June 30, 2020
Hands down, this is the all-around BEST umpire chest protector currently on the market. It's $55 (!!!), plenty of coverage, fits super well, breathes great for a hard shell, and the side padding actually isn't obstructive. I've had mine for 4 years, and it's still going strong! I haven't even had to replace the harness, believe it or not. If you're looking for a hardshell, you're cheating yourself if you're not seriously considering this as an option.

Mark S.

Dexter, MI

June 15, 2020
Great chest protector! I was a little leary at first whether it would be enough protection! Been hit multiple times and it definitely does the job! Love it! Plus my plate coat fits perfectly now!

Dave B.

Oakland, MD

October 4, 2019
Was looking for a low profile chest protector with plenty of shoulder/collar bone protection. A friend who umpires in North Carolina summer heat recommended the Champion. It is working out great. Love the look, flexibility, breath-ability and protection. Seems like a steal at the price. Having only used it twice the side flaps are a bit annoying but not sure if it is me or the chest protector. Might have to make a minor adjustment there.

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Questions About This Product

Q: What do you suggest for a Champion P2-17 chest protector replacement harness?
– Alan Jankowski

The Champion Body Armor Umpire Chest Protector uses a T-Hook attachment system so it is recommended to replace the stock harness with the Wilson Premium Replacement Harness.

– Ty Unthank
Customer Service Specialist, Pro Umpire School Graduate and Umpire

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