3N2 Reaction Pro Low Umpire Plate Shoes

3N2 Reaction Pro Low Umpire Plate Shoes - 7345

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  • 3N2 Reaction Pro Low Umpire Plate Shoes - 7345
  • 3N2 Reaction Pro Low Umpire Plate Shoes
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These 3n2 low-cut umpire plate shoes are a good entry level plate shoe at a value price for umpires just starting out and those with experience who prefer all-black and/or all-leather upper construction.


  • Impact-absorbing, rugged thermo-molded toe and carbon fiber plate
  • 100% genuine leather construction
  • Lightweight- 15.7 ounces per shoe
  • Trademark midsole, specifically designed to reduce the knee and joint stress 
  • Black on black color scheme 
  • Low-cut design
  • Designed to minimize dirt build-up for easy cleaning


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Customer Reviews


Joseph C.

Chalfont, PA

June 30, 2016
Disappointing plate shoe, while it is comfortable and sturdy, the front of it is already chipped off after less than one season. Makes me look like I'm using a 5 year old shoe. You would think it would hold up better after 30 games or so.

Robert V.

Greencastle, 0

April 17, 2016
Straight out of the box, 11 games in two days. My feet love them, and they are very picky.

Dennis W.

Lebanon, PA

October 12, 2015
Best umpire shoe ever, cannot believe how light weight they are. After some of the heavy clogs that came along these are GREAT. Protection is good also.....definitely would buy them again.

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WARNING: Participants in any sports activity assume risk of injury. This equipment may be used to help aid in preventing or reducing the extent of injury. No equipment can guarantee umpire or player safety from injury during participation, and use of this equipment carries no such guarantee. Do not use any umpire equipment that is damaged in any way.