How to Dress for Spring's Temperature Swings

May 7th, 2013

It's that time of year where Mother Nature can make it difficult for baseball and softball Umpires to do what they love with huge temperature swings from morning to night. We asked our Facebook fans and fellow umpires how they dress and prepare for days when it's cold in the morning, hot during the day and chilly at night again. Here's their advice!

Tommy Owens - Multiple layers with my last layer being my normal weather undershirt for base/soft ball.

Stephen Ward - Plate: Bring multiple undershirts (long or short sleeve)
Bases: umpire jacket and take it off when it gets warm.

Mike Yvanauskas - The new majestic thermal jacket with my lighter one underneath

Buck Bartolik - Everything in the trunk of the car. Go with what the sky tells me when I get to the field.

Michael Keil - Err on the side of warmth. then sweat through it when it gets hot. We are the master of this in Oregon! LOL

Tim Neasham - I dress for the weather at first pitch and gut out the rest of the game if needed... Unless I know nasty weather is coming.

Ken Linder - Mine really doesn't change all that much, only difference is the length of the sleeves if i am wearing a jacket or not.

Ryan Kamowski - Long johns, double socks, gloves to keep the punch outs looking precise!!

Steve Dandy - When in doubt, I dress for cold because once you get cold, you just can't seem to warm up.

Michael Harman - Yup layers peel as necessary

Bruce R Decker - Layers are the key

Paul Whittington - With my Majestic Pullover with zip off sleeves purchased from!!

There you have it - seems like dressing for the colder weather and using lots of layers is the key! 

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