All-Star Black Magnesium Umpire Mask with Grey LUC

FM4000-UMP-BK/GY All-Star Black Magnesium Umpire Mask with Grey LUC

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  • FM4000-UMP-BK/GY All-Star Black Magnesium Umpire Mask with Grey LUC
  • FM4000-UMP-BK/GY All-Star Black Magnesium Umpire Mask with Grey LUC
  • FM4000-UMP-BK/GY All-Star Black Magnesium Umpire Mask with Grey LUC Top Flat View
  • FM4000-UMP-BK/GY All-Star Black Magnesium Umpire Mask with Grey LUC Flat Side View
  • FM4000-UMP-BK/GY All-Star Black Magnesium Umpire Mask with Grey LUC
  • FM4000-UMP-BK/GY All-Star Black Magnesium Umpire Mask with Grey LUC
  • All-Star Umpire Mask Mesh Bag
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The All-Star Magnesium Umpire Mask with LUC pads is the next evolution of umpire masks - as seen on professional baseball fields.

Magnesium is the perfect material for a mask due to its low density resulting in an extremely light weight, durable umpire mask with high vibration dampening properties.

All-Star's LUC pads offer advanced protection and water-barrier features over traditional umpire masks. The bottom pad is extended and over-sized with an additional layer of ABS plastic. Both pads have layers not just for moisture-wicking but also as a moisture-barrier.

This All-Star umpire mask features a unique look with a no-weld polished finish. There are multiple angles allowing for optimal deflection upon impact as well as additional vertical bars in the middle and topmost sections of the mask, where direct shots are most likely.


  • ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT: Magnesium frame weighs 16.8 ounces (17.3 ounces with pads & harness)
  • STRONG CONSTRUCTION: Injection molded magnesium frame for a no-weld design
  • GREATER DEFLECTION: Unique angular contours & integrated ear and throat extensions for additional protection
  • REDUCED FORCE: Multiple features: The magnesium offers high vibration dampening properties upon impact. Additional vertical magnesium bars extend throughout the middle and topmost section of the mask. The bottom LUC pad is extended for advanced protection from both force and frame shifting upon impact and is the largest size of all umpire mask pads on the market. The pads also has an additional thin layer of ABS plastic.
  • MOISTURE CONTROL: Pads are wrapped in materials that provide both a moisture barrier and moisture-wicking.
  • BETTER FIELD VISION: Flattened bars around sight openings to provide ideal view
  • CLEANING: Machine wash pads and harness in cold water. Air dry.
  • COLOR: Black frame with grey LUC pads
  • Carry bag included

Product Video

Official Review: All-Star Magnesium Umpire Masks

Ty takes you inside All-Stars lightest umpire mask with their most protective padding. Inventory Note: Tan pads are a lighter yellow than the more orange color featured in video.


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Official Reviews


Dave T.

Bracebridge, ON

July 14, 2022
Decided to recently upgrade to the All-Star Magnesium umpire mask. Best call I have made all year. So light that if you couldn’t see it you wouldn’t know it was there. Have taken a couple of shots that seem to be in the center of the mask and the ball deflects off as advertised. Could not be happier with my new mask of feel any safer!

Benjamin B.

Brooklyn, NY

August 17, 2021
I have been a Wilson Titanium user since 2009. I figured I'd try something new. This umpire mask is very light at just over 1 lb. The feel is pretty good. The LUC pads feel comfortable, even though the bottom pad is huge. This mask wasn't meant for looks. All-Star got it right with this mask for umpires. Easy on and off with the strap. The convex frame isn't the best for tracking the baseball with ONLY your eyes. All in all, I like it and have attached the dedicated sun visor for it. However, your cap's bill covers it.

Justin K.

Bedford, PA

May 22, 2021
Just made this purchase to match up with the skull cap after receiving a minor concussion. The box was so light that my wife thought it was empty when it was delivered. Looks bulkier than a “normal” mask, but it is super light and comfortable.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Is there a specific throat guard you would recommend for this mask? It is shaped a bit different than the Wilson or Force 3 shown in your throat guard video.
– Justin Keel

Any umpire throat guard with the "Y" shape and connection points at the top will fit with this mask. The decision comes in where to attach it on the lowest crossbar; on the outside of the two down-bars or the inside? We recommend the inside so the throat guard can hang naturally and not pinned up against the LUC padding.

– Ty Unthank
Marketing Specialist, HS & College Umpire

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WARNING: Participants in any sports activity assume risk of injury. This equipment may be used to help aid in preventing or reducing the extent of injury. No equipment can guarantee umpire or player safety from injury during participation, and use of this equipment carries no such guarantee. Do not use any umpire equipment that is damaged in any way.