Hero's Pride Footloop Shirt Stays

9056CB Hero's Pride Footloop Style Shirt Holder Stays with Locking Clamps - 2 Piece Set

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  • 9056CB Hero's Pride Footloop Style Shirt Holder Stays with Locking Clamps - 2 Piece Set
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The most professional look and most reliable option for keeping your umpire or referee shirt in place is the Hero's Pride Footloop Style Shirt Holder with Locking Clamps.

The set comes with 2 adjustable elastic footloop straps with 2 locking clamps per strap.

After putting on your socks and shirt, but before putting on your pants, simply slide each foot into the loop then pull the adjustable, elastic strap to fasten each clamp to the front and back of your shirt on each side. To work best, the strap should not be too loose or too tight. Your shirt will not come untucked and will always give you that tight military appearance.

  • Non-Slip Locking Clamps
  • 2 shirt stirrup style shirt stays per pack
  • Keep your shirt neatly tucked
  • Black color matches socks and won't show
  • Adjustable one size-fits-all
  • Great for sports officials, military, police officers, business or formal attire

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Official Review: Hero's Pride Footloop Shirt Stays

See how the Hero's Pride Footloop Shirt Stays can give the professional, cleanly tucked uniform shirt you want during contest.


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Official Reviews


Shaun M.

Maysville, MO

August 15, 2021
These feel weird at first but they do a great job. You don't spend the whole night tucking your shirt in all night, definitely recommend.

Donald R.

Waco, TX

December 29, 2020
It takes a little getting used to as far as feeling them running down your legs. The product works great. Now I don't have to worry about my shirt coming untucked or what I look like tucking it back in.

Gerald W.

Rineyville, KY

November 28, 2020
Being a military veteran, I like the crisp streamlined appearance that wearing shirt stays give. I like these style shirt stays because of the metal clam clasps versus the other style of shirt stay that have the little rubber-type clasp and the metal clam clasps are more durable.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Is there any straps or hooks on the foot loop. My concern is it could slip off. I suppose you could just put another sock on above to make sure but just wondering.
– Dr. Daniel Mckennitt

There are clips that attach the straps of the foot loops to the bottom of your shirt. The loop goes around the arch of your foot. Once you have your shoes on, the loops should remain in place.

– Staff Member
Ump-Attire.com Customer Service

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