Watch Jim Kirk’s Webinar on ‘Uniform & Safety’ for British Baseball Federation & European Umpires

Jul 3rd, 2020

British Baseball Federation

President Jim Kirk was the featured guest on the British Baseball Federation (BBF) webinar series. On this episode, Jim provides insights on umpire uniform and gear selection, safety and properly caring for your equipment.

Jim shares the Five Tool Umpire concept, the uniqueness of an umpire uniform, an MLB umpire injury video and discusses specific gear issues:

  • Which is more protective? Masks or Helmets
    (The answer is complicated.)
  • Supplemental Head Protection
  • Caps, Helmets & Concussions
  • Which Pads Fit Which Masks and Which Are Most Protective
  • Trends in Umpire Masks and Chest Protectors
  • Injury Prevention Tips
  • Pre and Post-Game Care Tips for Uniform and Gear
  • More

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Umpire Webinar Series: Uniform and Safety

The webinar provides basic and advanced insights into umpire uniforms, selection, safety and care. Specific products discussed include: Unequal Uncap, Force3 Chest Protector and Masks, All-Star Helmets and Magnesium Masks, Champion Chest Protectors, Wilson Wrap Around and Team Wendy Pads and replacement parts such as hooks and shin guard straps.

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