Go Wild for New Wilderness Weather-Tek Ball Bags by UMPLIFE

Apr 1st, 2024

Fur has kept mammals protected from the elements for over 210 million years. It is the one natural material most trusted for the cold and unpredictable weather of winter and early spring.

Just announced, umpires can now benefit from fur, nature's fabric, through the innovation of Ray Brownlie and UMPLIFE! 

Introducing UMPLIFE Wilderness Weather-Tek Ball Bags™, the first umpire product to incorporate fur from our most resilient animals. Expanding on the highly successful original Weather-Tek ball bags, each Wilderness ball bag is fur-lined to keep your hands and game balls dry and warm in the chilling rain, snow, and cold temperatures of those early season contests.

Pick your pelt of either badger, fox or moose. Each ball bag has a fur flap at the main opening for a hibernation mode. Available with or without interior accessory pockets. The base material is UMPLIFE's trusted water-resistant neoprene and each bag holds up to 6 baseballs or 4 softballs.
We already knew Ray was a dead-eye with the strike zone but we've come to find out he's a dead-eye behind a rifle and skilled trapper.

My Weather-Tek bags already keeps the moisture out but I knew that we could do more from the inside. After a hunting & trapping trip to Saskatchewan, I came back to my shop with the pelts and got to work. This is truly a one-of-a-kind Canadian product.
- UMPLIFE Creator Ray Brownlie

The meat from Ray's kills has been donated to a Toronto food bank. This trophy bull moose head now hangs over Ray's mantle and the fur for the ball bags ensured nothing was wasted.

Hurry, fur supply is limited until Ray takes his next hunting trip! Shoot your shot now with $10 off the Intro Offer!

Each ball bag comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Saskatchewan Department of Wildlife in accordance with the Fur Animals Open Seasons Regulations, 2009, the Open Season Game Regulations, 2009, and The Wildlife Act, 1998.

If you are a hunter and have fur pelts we can source for more options, please email producttesting@ump-attire.com.

We guarantee you will go wild for the Wilderness Weather-Tek Ball Bags with Fur by Umplife!

If you're still reading...Happy April Fools' Days!

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