Find Your COVID-19 Solution When Working The Plate

Mar 5th, 2021

Baseball & softball umpires in 2021 are looking for COVID-19 solutions when umpiring behind the plate. Managing your traditional umpire mask or helmet while wearing a PPE mask or gaiter can be problematic.

We share practical solutions for the plate umpire during this unique season. Discover the pros, cons & best practices of 6 masks & gaiters so you can be confident in what's best for you. 

Watch Brandon & Ty's video below for more details.


Under Armour Sportsmask
+ 3 Layers of Protection
+ Stays in Place
+ Built-in UPF 50+ Sun Protection
- Thicker/Higher Profile

UMPLIFE Neck Gaiter
+ Folds into 2-Layers
+ Easy Up & Down
+ Lightweight Material
- Shifts when Talking
- Tight Fit for Larger Heads

3n2 Reusable Cloth Face Mask
+ Adjustable Ear Straps for Optimal Fit
+ Stays in Place
+ 2 Layers
- May Fog with Glasses
- Mid-Seam at Nose

UMPLIFE Cold Weather Mask
 + Highly Breathable
+ Stays in Place
+ Warm in Colder Temps
- Seasonal
- Causes Tigher Cap Fit

Umpire Mask Face Shield
+ Supplemental Protection
+ Clear Vision
+ Fits Most Traditional Umpire Masks 
- Least Protective
- May Fog 

Force3 Cloth Mask for Umpire Masks & Helmets
+ Supplemental Protection
+ Fits All Helmets & Masks
+ Pocket Insert for Disposable Mask
- Narrowed Bottom View
- Obstructs Grip when Removing Umpire Mask


The Dish: Solutions for the COVID-19 Plate Umpire

Brandon & Ty share our solutions for umpiring behind the plate during COVID-19 - pros, cons, & best practices of 6 masks & gaiters.

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