Force3 Sun Visor for Defender Masks

Force3 Umpire Sun Shield

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This sun visor easily attaches to Force3 Defender masks.

It is made of high quality shatter resistant polycarbonate. Built-in UV protection. Superior silver mirror shine. See through tint reduces sun glare. Universal, fitting most masks. F3 logo laser engraved on top.


  • Reduces the glare from sun or bright lights
  • Does not restrict visibility
  • Lightweight design
  • Includes microfiber cleaning storage bag
  • Easily attaches to Force3 Defender Masks (Force3 Defender Masks are the ONLY compatible mask for this Force3 Sun Visor)

No hardware is required to attach. Remove pad, attach visor to pad, reinstall pad.


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Customer Reviews


Chester G.


April 23, 2019
Not too impressed with this. I was hoping this would allow me to ditch the sun glasses. However the brim of my plate hat sits directly under where the sun visor sits. I find that because of this it really does me no good. I will say though that it makes the mask look really cool though!

Norm G.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

April 9, 2019
This visor is a must have! I'm already wondering how I umpired without it.

Kory V.


February 26, 2019
Ever since I put one in my catchers mask years ago I won't go without. The sun shade for the defender traditional mask is no different. It has a job and does it well!

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Questions About This Product

Q: Will this fit the Diamond matte black big league aluminum umpire mask with leather pads?
– Ryan Riffle

This Force3 sun visor will only fit Force3 Defender Umpire Masks. You can find the sun visor that will fit your Diamond umpire mask here.

– Ty Unthank
Customer Service Specialist, Pro Umpire School Graduate and Umpire

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