All-Star System Seven Umpire Chest Protector

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The All-Star System Seven Umpire Chest Protector is their most protective hard shell chest protector. It was designed with input from umpires across the country who wanted both the comfort features and protective details umpires need most.

How does a lower profile design, pre-curved shoulder plates and removable, washable padding sound? The All-Star has all 3 and more including their innovative, built-in DeltaFlex harness that holds your chest protector securely in place.

Important Sizing Note

The 12" chest protector size will fit most. Yes, we know it is an All-Star "SMALL", but due to an additional 1" length at the ribs, it fits more like a medium/large 13".

Because the "LARGE" 15" also has 1" length at the ribs, it fits more like a XL 16". Unless you are really tall or desire coverage beyond your ribs, that is a lot. Plus the 15" weighs more than a half a pound more that the 12".

Return rates indicate umpires are more satisfied with their decision to purchase the smaller size than with their decision to purchase the larger. Pick that size you think will work best. We will cover the your return cost in the contiguous U.S. if you have any issues whatsoever.


  • Large center plate disperses impact.
  • Pre-curved shoulder plates wrap and fit snugly around shoulders right out of the box for less adjusting.
  • Repositionable padding at sides between shoulder and chest areas for custom fit
  • Body-hugging design follows curvature of your rib cage for maximum protection and mobility.
  • UltraCool multi-layer padding is fully removable and machine washable.
  • Designed with a ventilation channel behind the main chest plate for maximum air circulation
  • DeltaFlex four-point adjustable harness evenly distributes pressure for the most comfortable fit.
  • Stainless steel rust-proof rivets
  • Appropriate for use at any level
  • Unique posi-fit sizing measures approximately 12" and 15" respectively, from throat to bottom, with extended plates at ribs for an additional inch of protection where it is needed most.
  • 12" fits like a 13" and weighs approximately 3.6lbs.
  • 15" fits like a 16" and weighs approximately 4.5lbs.


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Customer Reviews


Kim H.

Ainsworth, IA

June 6, 2019
I have always used the West Vest. It certainly provided me with great protection. It would also trap a lot of the heat. So I saw this and thought I would give it a try. I haven't had it that long, but protection is as good as the West Vest. The when it is hot, it doesn't trap the heat around your chest. The ventilation is much better. It's seems to fit better as well. Glad I bought it and you will too!

Dom M.

Elk Grove, CA

June 19, 2018
This umpire chest protector does an amazing job making you feel secure, took 92 fastball foul tip straight off chest, almost painless. The neck opening is a little narrow at first, but you get use to it and it shapes to your body really well. However, it seems to push all my sweat down under my chest towards my stomach and I end up getting these tiger strips of sweat along the bottom side, really wish that went away. Otherwise, love the product.

Robert R.

San Antonio, TX

June 12, 2018
After taking a shot that hit right between the plates on another CP, I went with this one, in the 15" model. I am 5' 11", 225 lbs, 36" waist, 48" chest, 17.5" neck....by all reviews, I should've gone with the smaller size, but found the 15" fits great. Protection is second to none. Took a shot to almost the same spot as mentioned above and felt nothing. I love that it easily covers the bottom of my ribs without being obtrusive. It takes some time to get it broken in, but the All-Star harness does it's usual great job (have one on all my other CPs). As others have mentioned, and with a 17.5" neck, I feared the size of the neck opening. But, it's not the width that is bothersome...it's the front plate coming up too high. I found that when I got in my stance, it was noticeably distracting pushing up into my neck. I took my Dremel and cut about 1/2" off the front plate, tapering the cut so it matched the original profile...made it perfect!

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