New Balance V3 MLB All-Black Mid-Cut Umpire Plate Shoes

MU460BK3 New Balance MLB All-Black Umpire Plate Shoes Angled

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  • MU460BK3 New Balance MLB All-Black Umpire Plate Shoes Angled
  • MU460BK3 New Balance MLB All-Black Umpire Plate Shoes Side
  • MU460BK3 New Balance MLB All-Black Umpire Plate Shoes Back
  • MU460BK3 New Balance MLB All-Black Umpire Plate Shoes Inside
  • MU460BK3 New Balance MLB All-Black Umpire Plate Shoes Bottom
  • MU460BK3 New Balance MLB All-Black Umpire Plate Shoes Plate Forward
  • MU460BK3 New Balance MLB All-Black Umpire Plate Shoes Plate Forward 2
  • MU460BK3 New Balance MLB All-Black Umpire Plate Shoes Top
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The official on-field shoe for MLB umpires for the 2017 season, the MU460v3 New Balance Umpire Plate Shoes are designed for that extra look of authority with its hi-gloss finish that is easy to clean while maintaining the comfort, breathability and traction you expect in an on-field athletic shoe.

The redesigned floating instep guard provides advanced features. First, it provides maximum protection where you need it most, on the inside of your feet, without the extra bulk on the outside where you don't. Second, it "releases" from the top making it easier to take on and off and to lace your sholaces. Third, there is a mesh strap that creates space between your shoe and guard for air to flow.

This mid-cut style is all-black with MLB logo on the tongue and heel and with NB logo on sole.


  • Dispersion Instep Guard provides more inner foot protection
  • ABZORB® - a blend of Dupont™ Engage® and Isoprene rubber - in heel and forefoot provides superior shock absorption and cushioning throughout the game
  • Strategically placed mesh strap on inside of metatarsal guard that promotes air flow and breathability
  • Guard releases for easy on/off
  • Mid-cut provides greater ankle support
  • Hi-gloss is easy to clean / polishable
  • Snug-fit integrated neoprene sock liner provides additional comfort between foot and hard toe
  • Nubby outsole for enhanced traction
  • 23.1 ounces
  • The official plate shoes for MLB umpires
  • For baseball or softball

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OFFICIAL 2-MINUTE REVIEW: New Balance V3 MLB Mid-cut Umpire Plate Shoe


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Questions About This Product

Q: What is best way to clean or polish them? Regular shoe wax, or should I use something else? They stay shinny but did get foul ball off toe its now scuffed a little.
- James Omalley
A: There are many ways to clean your New Balance Umpire Plate Shoes. A wet rag is a good place to start. Soap and water is usually the best solution. Some umpires use Scrubbing Bubbles (the bathroom cleaner) to clean their shoes. Scuffs can sometimes be polished and buffed out. Try using a damp sponge. If that does not work, you may want to try a thin coat of liquid shoe polish only over the scuff. The hi-gloss finish will keep, as long as dust and dirt is wiped off after use.
- Josh Mann

Q: I wear a 10.5 size shoe, explain the 2E vs D in the width. Thanks
- Ralph E. Gough Sr.
A: "D" is standard width for New Balance shoes. "2E" is 1/8" wider than "D". "4E" is 1/4" wider than "D" and 1/8" wider than "2E".
- Josh Mann

Q: How is the toe protection for the V3 plate shoe? That seems to be the only place I ever get hit.
- Nathan Stanley
A: The toe protection for the New Balance V3 Umpire Plate Shoes is a considerable improvement compared to other brands of umpire plate shoes. Thermal polyurethane is used in the construction of the toe box. High impact areas are reinforced with the protective material to ensure your toes are kept out of harms way.
- Josh Mann

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Customer Reviews


Eric G.

Pelican Rapids, MN

July 31, 2017
Recently purchased these umpire plate shoes. They seem lighter than past New Balance plate shoes. Clean up rather well too! Looking forward to working in them more!

Gus L.

Leander, TX

July 18, 2017
Love the shoes. Fits very comfortably. The only issue I have is the instep of the shell. It's a tad bit long where it will drag in the dirt and start to wear out. The shin guard tends to push down causing the shell to raise in the front and the instep edge to become flush with the sole. If they shaved off half an inch, it may do some justice and last 2 extra years. Otherwise, 4 stars rating.

Dave L.

Warwick, RI

July 10, 2017
Great shoes. But if you work a muddy game and, like me, bang the shoes together in an effort to clear the soles, the protective top flap will fall and swing down if you don't hold it or keep it laced. Not a big deal, but the leather ripped on my first pair. Ump-Attire.com issued a full credit, but it's something to be aware of.

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WARNING: Participants in any sports activity assume risk of injury. This equipment may be used to help aid in preventing or reducing the extent of injury. No equipment can guarantee umpire or player safety from injury during participation, and use of this equipment carries no such guarantee. Do not use any umpire equipment that is damaged in any way.