UMPLIFE Umpire Plate & Base Shoes Bag Set

UMPLIFE Umpire Plate & Base Shoes Bag Set Pair

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  • UMPLIFE Umpire Plate & Base Shoes Bag Set Pair
  • UMPLIFE Umpire Plate & Base Shoes Bag Set - Plate Bag
  • UMPLIFE Umpire Plate & Base Shoes Bag Set - Base Bag
  • UMPLIFE Umpire Plate & Base Shoes Bag Set - Plate Bag with Shoes
  • UMPLIFE Umpire Plate & Base Shoes Bag Set - Base Bag with Shoes
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The UMPLIFE Shoe Bag Set will protect both plate & base shoes in your equipment bag, plus keep the rest of your gear & apparel dirt-free.


  • Set includes 1 Plate Shoe Bag & 1 Base Shoe Bag
  • Plastic shoe divider inside
  • Top handle for easy carry
  • Double zipper closure
  • Front Pocket to store shoe accessories
  • Durable Material: 100% Neoprene
  • UMPLIFE screen printed logo with plate & base labels


  • Plate Shoes Bag - 16"L x 12"W x 5"D
  • Base Shoes Bag - 15"L x 11"W x 5"D
  • Front Pocket - 11"H & 5"W

All sizes & widths of New Balance, Smitty and 3n2 plate shoes will fit in the larger bag.

All sizes & widths of New Balance, Mizuno, Under Armour, Smitty, Adidas and 3n2 base shoes will fit in the smaller bag.

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Official Review: UMPLIFE Umpire Plate & Base Shoes Bag Set

Designed by fellow umpire Ray Brownlie, UMPLIFE's Shoe Bag Set for Plate & Base shoes will carry & protect your shoes during travel before & after the game.


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Official Reviews


James “Jay” G.

Blackwood, NJ

May 30, 2023
I have both Force3 shoes bags, but these shoe bags from Ray Brownlie trump the Force3 bags hands down. These bags provide great storage for your plate or base shoes & allow you to keep them separate from your other items, so everything isn’t getting dirty after a day of umpiring. These bags are also great for me during Basketball season. I carry my referee shoes & other items like lanyards & whistles all in one bag when traveling to games. This is a must-have for umpires & referees of all levels of Baseball, Softball & Basketball!!!

Matthew M.

Indian Trail, NC

May 28, 2023
I'll use these bags over the Force3 bags as soon as they update with added ventilation. Until then, they only earn 3 stars.

Joffrey W.

Tuscaloosa, AL

May 28, 2023
I absolutely love these bags!! They make keeping my shoes in my equipment bag a lot easier!! I personally clean my shoes after every game, but if you are not like me, these bags or perfect to keep all your other equipment clean!! I especially like the fact that they came in a set of 2 and that both bags or already marked for plate shoes and field shoes(the plate shoe bag of course being a little bigger). I wear a size 13 plate shoe and a size 14 field shoe (simply because the New Balance field shoe I have runs small) but they both fit into their respective bags without any issues!! So yes I love and recommend these bags!!

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Questions About This Product

Q: I wear size 15 shoes. Will size 15 fit into these shoe bags?
– Benjamin Battey

The larger UMPLIFE Plate Shoe bag will accommodate a size 15 shoe; however, they will fit quite snuggly.

– Holly Montgomery
Customer Service Specialist

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