Pro Style Umpire Ball Bag Kit

Baseball Softball Umpire Ball Bag Accessory Kit

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  • Baseball Softball Umpire Ball Bag Accessory Kit
  • Pro Style Umpire Ball Bag Kit
  • Pro Style Umpire Ball Bag Kit
  • Indicator
  • Indicator in Hand
  • Pro Style Umpire Ball Bag Kit
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We've put the best value umpire ball bag acessory kit together using our most popular pro style ball bag and combined them with a plate brush and ball/strike/out indicator to give the accessories you need to help you get started.


We highly recommend all rookie umpires stay away from ball bags that have pouches on the OUTSIDE. Outside-pouch ball bags are a sure bet to make you look un-professional the second you walk on the field. The ball bag in this kit is pro style, which means it has pouches on the inside, where your plate brush and indicator can be securely tucked away until you need them.

Good for softball or baseball. Choose the ball bag color that best matches your shirt and cap. $19.99 sold separately.


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Official Reviews


Nik U.

Portsmouth, NH

May 17, 2021
Does the job that an umpire ball bag should do. No complaints.

Joe L.


September 9, 2020
This is a great umpire ball bag. You will be impressed.

Fred S.


May 7, 2020
Best kit out there. Plenty of room in the bag for all your needs.

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Questions About This Product

Q: How many 12" softballs does this ball bag hold?
– Bobby Quick
A: The Smitty Professional Style Cloth Umpire Ball Bag, that is part of this kit, holds 3 12" softballs or 5 baseballs.
– Josh Mann
Pro School Umpire Graduate

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