Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Medium Grey Plate Umpire Pants

S392-HG-Smitty Performance Heather Grey Poly Spandex Plate Umpire Pants

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  • S392-HG-Smitty Performance Heather Grey Poly Spandex Plate Umpire Pants
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Finally, the hottest umpire pant on the market, the poly spandex, is now avaialble in medium grey - comparable to traditional heather grey! These pants are made with pro umpires in mind with performance fabric that provide the ideal combination of features.

Its lightweight-athletic performance of Smitty's unique 92/8 poly-spandex 4-way stretch blend not only moves with you but also breathes and cools you in warm weather by wicking moisture away from your skin (no more pants soaked in sweat). The highly-polished professional look will make you the envy of your crew. Not to mention, its durable-construction will withstand many seasons of wear without the extra drycleaning expense.

We never want to oversell products. But listen closely. These ARE without a doubt the best umpire pants Smitty has ever made. 


  • Sewn-in saddle seat for added strength to meet the demands of plate work
  • Silky smooth fabric slides easily over your shin guards when you get in your stance (fabric won't get caught)
  • Adequate room in knee to fit all shin guard brands and styles (approximately 12.5" diameter as measured off size 38 waist)


  • 92% polyester and 8% spandex for an innovative 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you
  • Fabric spreads and lifts moisture from the skin for a cooler and lighter fabric feel
  • Athletic cut for comfort and durability
  • Pleated-front with standard slash pockets
  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric
  • For baseball and softball


  • Color: Single-color medium grey - comparable to traditional heather grey
    Note: If you are an umpire that thinks "heather" grey means a "lighter" or "medium" grey umpire pant, then you will love these pants. If you or your assigner live by the definition of a "heather" color as being multiple colors woven together, then you should continue to buy traditional fabric umpire pants. Advanced poly spandex fabric, with all its benefits, can only be a solid color material.


  • Reinforced-stitching throughout
  • Premium quality double clasp combined with inside support button
  • Upgraded brass zipper will hold up better than plastic zippers
  • Detailed matching grey pocket lining and grey back button with loop on left pocket (say "no" to tan buttons)
  • Wide-reinforced belt loops fit all style and size umpire belts and provide the right amount of spacing, especially in the back - with adjacent loops evenly spaced (no more large gaps or un-professional triple side-by-side belt loops found in other brands)
  • Pressed crease
  • Snug-fit, non-roll, gripper waistband helps keep your shirt tucked


  • Sized for true fit with no need to size up (unlike with other brands)
  • Umpire pants are unhemmed to allow you to tailor to your specifications


  • Machine wash cold and tumble dry on low
  • No dry cleaning required

Product Video

OFFICIAL 2-MINTUTE REVIEW: Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Medium Grey Plate Umpire Pant

SEC & ACC Baseball Umpire, Scott Kennedy, gives you an "up close" look and description for the Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Heather Grey Plate Umpire Pants.


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Customer Reviews



Irvine, CA

July 9, 2018
I love these umpire pants! I use pants made of the same material when officiating basketball. There are about the lightest, most breathable thing you can wear. I do wish they were a little darker. Several USA Softball UIC's have commented that they are too light in color to wear.

Jason B.

Vancouver, WA

July 5, 2018
Used for two games. I tried to hem them with hemming tape, but didn't hold. Getting them hemmed before my next game. I loved the pants for the two games I used them. I usually wear the Gerry Davis pants, which I like. These new Smitty umpire pants fit and feel much better. They stretch when working the plate, instead of pulling at seams or restricting movement. Will be getting second pair.

Rob T.

Vancouver, WA

May 22, 2018
I love these umpire pants! After shipping and hemming, they end up being about $85, which I feel is a little pricey. But, they fit great, and move freely with me. It feels like I can get in the slot much easier, since I don't have to adjust my pants. The regular ones seem to get hung up on my shin guards. I thought I would miss the expanding waist, but I like the overall fit. These are now my everyday game pants! My poly/wool ones are now the backup pair!

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Questions About This Product

Q: Do these pants have expander waistbands?
– Michael Comilla
A: While these do NOT have an expandable waistband, they do run true to size. Order your waist size, and you'll be fine.
– Josh Mann
Marketing Assistant, Pro School Umpire Graduate

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