Force3 Umpire / Referee Shoe Bag

F3-SHOE Force3 Umpire / Referee Shoe Bag

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  • F3-SHOE Force3 Umpire / Referee Shoe Bag
  • F3-SHOE Force3 Umpire / Referee Shoe Bag
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The Force3 Umpire / Referee Sport Shoes Bag is made with sports officials in mind. The bag is made of heavy-duty construction for frequent storage and use. It prevents field, base and court shoes from getting crushed in your suitcase or equipment bag and has ventilation to allow moisture to air out after each game, plus keeps the rest of your uniform and gear from getting dirty or muddy from your shoes.


  • Airy, top mesh for ventilation
  • Made of 600-denier ripstop polyester
  • Hand-carrying strap
  • Force3 logo embroidered on front
  • Red accent piping (recent redesign)
  • Designed to fit a pair of shoes (see below for exceptions)
  • Measures 9”w x 13.5”l x 4.75”d

confirmed Easy fit for the following Umpire Shoes through size 12

  • New Balance MU950 Low-Cut Field v1 and v2
  • 3n2 Field/Turf
  • Smitty V2 Black & White
  • Smitty All Black Shoe
  • Under Armour Yard Turf


  • 3n2 Reaction Patent Leather
  • Smitty Basketball Referee Shoes
  • New Balance MU950 Low
  • Under Armour Yard Turf


  • New Balance MU950 Mid-Cut Field v1 and V2
  • All Shoes above size 13, 14, 15 or 16

Will not Fit*

  • New Balance Mid-Cut Plate Shoes
  • Smitty Mid-Cut Plate Shoes
  • 3n2 Mid or Low-Cut Plate Shoes

*As plate shoes will not fit and mid-cut base shoes and any shoes size 13-16 are tight in this bag, we recommend, in these cases, the 1" longer and 2" wider Force3 XL / Plate Shoe Bag for a small upcharge.


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Official Reviews

September 1, 2023   Verified Purchase
Best shoe bag on the market. The vent holes enable your shoes to dry properly, plus it's easy to wash after mud gets in the bag. That's the best part I love.
August 24, 2023   Verified Purchase
Since I work multiple sports, these work great for storing and stacking the ones you don't need and make it convenient just to grab and go when you do need them.
July 10, 2023   Verified Purchase
Good workmanship. Safe storage. Creates order in the bag.

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Questions About This Product

Q: What’s the largest shoe size this bag will hold? I wear a 17; will it fit?
– Adam Waddle

We have confirmed a tight fit for base umpire or referee shoes up to size 16. With the option of Free Returns, please feel no risk in ordering to test the fit.

– Ty Unthank
Marketing Specialist, HS & College Umpire

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