UMPLIFE Weather-Tek Pro Ball Bags - Set of 2

UMPLIFE Weather Tek Pro Ball Bags Flat

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  • UMPLIFE Weather Tek Pro Ball Bags Flat
  • UMPLIFE Weather Tek Pro Ball Bags Navy
  • UMPLIFE Weather Tek Pro Ball Bags Worn
  • UMPLIFE Weather Tek Pro Ball Bags Worn
  • UMPLIFE Weather Tek Pro Ball Bags Worn
  • UMPLIFE Weather Tek Pro Ball Bag With Baseballs
  • UMPLIFE Weather Tek Pro Ball Bags With Softballs
  • UMPLIFE Weather Tek Pro Ball Bags Flat
  • UMPLIFE Weather Tek Pro Ball Bags Navy Reverse
  • UMPLIFE Weather Tek Pro Ball Bag With Items
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UMPLIFE introduces the Weather-Tek Pro Umpire Ball Bags, created by umpire Ray Brownlie. The first-of-its-kind ball bags are constructed with heavy-duty waterproof neoprene fabric. 

The fabric, design and construction works with you and your game.

  • First, the fabric creates a moisture-barrier to keep game balls dry from sweat.
  • Second, it has an innovative expandable design that allows you to carry more baseballs or softballs while putting your hand in and out a breeze.
  • Third, the heavy-duty construction maintains its professional shape throughout each and every game and season.

Sold as a set, one ball bag has pockets to hold accessories. The other has no pockets to allow for quick and easy access to game balls.


  • Large Size: 11.5 inches wide by 12 inches tall & expands 2.5 inches
  • High Capacity: Holds securely up to 8 baseballs or 5 softballs while maintaining its shape
  • Durable Material: Reinforced, double-stitched, waterproof neoprene for durability and to support weight of multiple game balls
  • Colors: Black or Navy
  • Weight: 4.25 ounces per bag
  • 2.75 inch wide belt loops fits all umpire belts and is designed to "lock" your ball bag in place to prevent from sliding.
  • Reverse side has UMPLIFE text and Maple Leaf logo
  • Set of 2 Ball Bags
    • 1 FINGER-FRIENDLY WITHOUT POCKETS - no more getting your hand or fingers caught as you reach inside for game balls
    • 1 WITH ACCESSORY POCKETS - sized and stiched to secure your plate brush, indicator and a writing utensil

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Official Review: UMPLIFE Weather-Tek Pro Ball Bags - Set of 2

See about these one-of-a-kind umpire ball bags, UMPLIFE Weather-Tek Pro Ball Bags. Available in Black or Navy. Sold in a set of 2; one with accessory pockets, one without.


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Official Reviews


Michael K.

Cortlandt Manor, NY

September 16, 2022
Was lucky to be on first order from Ray, received these in early spring and from the first moment realized they were the best bags on the market after being a Force3 Dry-Lo user for over 10 years, highly recommend them. Spend the extra money, you won't be sorry.

Christine L.

Cave Creek, AZ

August 25, 2022
These are the best ball bags I have ever used. They are huge and easily fit 6-8 baseballs or 5 softballs. Well made, high quality item that I get compliments on wherever I go. Highly recommend! Umplife products are the best!

Stan J.

Hoxie, AR

July 28, 2022
I got these ball bags couple weeks ago and had a game that weekend, used them and they worked out great for my games. I'm so glad that Ray Brownlie and Ump-Attire.com come together and sold these to all the umpires they are really nice bags and glad I got mine.

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Questions About This Product

Q: How should I wash these bags?
– Bronson Beals

For best results, wash by hand with warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and hang dry in a well ventilated area.

– Ty Unthank
Marketing Specialist, HS & College Umpire

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