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ULF-UBAG UMPLIFE UBag Organizer with Umpire Accessories and Rule Book

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  • ULF-UBAG UMPLIFE UBag Organizer with Umpire Accessories and Rule Book
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  • ULF-UBAG UMPLIFE UBag Organizer Full with Umpire Accessories
  • ULF-UBAG UMPLIFE UBag Organizer with Football Referee Accessories
  • ULF-UBAG UMPLIFE UBag Organizer with Lacrosse Referee Accessories
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You've never seen an organizer like this. This one-of-a-kind storage/compartment organizer was designed by umpire Ray Brownlie, the manufacturer of the Pro Grade Magnetic Wallet

Made of sturdy neoprene, it has double-compartments with 6 interior pockets plus an easy-access pocket in the front.

Every sports official has tools & accessories that need organizing.

  • Pens, pencils, wallets
  • Stop watches, timers, watches
  • Extra shoelaces, shirt stays, sewing kits
  • Rulebooks
  • Whistles & lanyards

What will you put in your UMPLIFE Organizer?

  • Perfect for UMPIRE indicators, plate brushes and mound visit trackers
  • Ideal for FOOTBALL penalty flags, chain clips, throw down bags & down indicators
  • Essential for LACROSSE timers, tape measures, penalty flags and cards
  • Convenient for WRESTLING flip discs & wristbands
  • Great for VOLLEYBALL net chains, warning cards & whistles


  • Double zipper main compartment
  • 6 multi-sized interior pockets
  • 3 pen / pencil holders
  • Neoprene exterior
  • Easy access front zippered pocket that measures a full 9" (width) X 7" (height)
  • 9" (height) X 11" (length)
  • Heavy-duty zippers with rubberized pulls

Product Video

Official 2-Minute Review: UMPLIFE UBag Organizer

Ty Unthank takes you on the inside of the UMPLIFE UBag Organizer to show you how you can organize and store all of your game accessories for any sport you officiate. Pens, stop watches, penalty flags, game cards, whistles, lanyards, indicators, rulebooks, plate brush and more! The UBag organizer was created by umpire Ray Brownlie, the manufacturer for the Pro Grade Magnetic Wallets.


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Official Reviews


Chris E.

Davenport, IA

October 6, 2020
This is my first UMPLIFE product and it's very nice quality. I really like the material used and convenient carry handle. Various inside pockets are great and fit items well. Being picky, I wish items stayed inside a little better but not a big problem.

Donald P.

Fredericksburg, VA

July 29, 2020
Awesome product. Got new gear bag without organizer built-in. This thing is perfect. Well built. Indicators x3, Plate brush x2, Lineup holder x2, Pencils x3, Flip coins x10, Screaming meanie timer.

Benjamin B.

Athens, GA

July 26, 2020
A good item to organize your rule books, pens, and indicators.

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