Good Call Officiating NFHS Gamebook

Good Call Officiating Further Review Gamebook

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  • Good Call Officiating Further Review Gamebook
  • Good Call Officiating Further Review Gamebook
  • Good Call Officiating Further Review Gamebook
  • Good Call Officiating Further Review Gamebook
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As a high school official, you have no doubt used separate game cards and reference tools. This Gamebook is the ultimate game information recording and reference companion-in-one.

Developed specifically for high school football officials by West Virginia official Matthew Ridgeway of Good Call Officiating, it has multiple well-organized heavy-duty writeable & erasable pages for game data recording, plus in-game references you'll use most. (See below for the complete list.)


  • 5.5" x 3.5" is right-sized for the front shirt pocket and front and back pants pocket.
  • Spiral-bound notebook has 10 front-and-back hard-surface writeable and erasable pages for multi-game and multi-season use.
  • For best results, a pencil is best.
  • As a standalone notebook, a separate wallet is not required.

Gamebook Sections include

  • Home & Visitor Team Information
  • Captains, Colors, Coin Toss, Ball Personnel
  • Ball Position records for 1st and 3rd Quarters with Spot Indicator Marker
  • Penalty Record
  • Time Outs
  • Home and Visitor Scoring Summary
  • Media Timeouts
  • Large Note Section
  • Penalty Glossary featuring Loss of Down or Automatic 1st Section with Yardage Amount
  • Signal Illustrations
  • Game Suspension Records
  • Pregame Checklist
  • Routine Signals not related to penalties are not included (e.g., Touchdown, Stop the Clock, Incomplete Pass)

Product Video

Tools-In-Action: Good Call Officiating NFHS Gamebook

See the full use of the Good Call Officiating NFHS Gamebook. For best writing results, use a pencil and an eraser.


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Official Reviews

November 19, 2023   Verified Purchase
Nice to eliminate additional cards. Easily erases prior game information. Fits perfectly in chest pocket or back pant pocket! Highly recommend.
October 7, 2023   Verified Purchase
Great book, erases easily. I'm waiting to see about the durability. It eliminated all the extra cards I used to carry. Added tabs to quickly get to right spot.
September 16, 2023   Verified Purchase
Used last night in my High School football game. I wish there was more room for penalties. There were a lot of penalties in our game and ran out of room. All in all, a good tool to have.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Does the penalty enforcement section reflect the updated 2023 changes to location of penalty enforcement?
– Stephen Peter

The book makes a general statement that "All fouls are enforced from the basic spot except those that occur behind the basic spot." and it does not really detail what happens if the foul does occur behind the basic spot. So it did not detail the original rule, and also does not detail the updated rule, it just simply has that general statement in there. So all in all, no, it does not have any reflection of the updated 2023 changes to the location of penalty enforcement.

– Hunter Fry
Supplier Relationship Manager, Customer Service Specialist, Former Basketball Referee

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