Nutty Buddy Protective Umpire Cup and Jock Package

Nutty Buddy Protective Umpire Cup and Jock Package

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  • Nutty Buddy Protective Umpire Cup and Jock Package
  • Nutty Buddy Protective Umpire Cup and Jock Package
  • Nutty Buddy Protective Umpire Cup and Jock Package
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We are sorry to report that expected stock of Nutty Buddy products in 2018 will be limited.

The Nutty Buddy line was bought (again) by another manufacturer. See the blog at the bottom of the product page for complete details. There is no estimated date for out of stock sizes at this time.


A baseball traveling at 90 mph can deliver 2,400 lbs of force. Other cups on the market can reduce that impact to 450 lbs of force—still enough to cause serious injury. The Nutty Buddy™ protective cup has been proven in scientific tests to reduce that impact to just 110 lbs of force, which is within acceptable levels of impact.

A properly fitting cup shifts less, is more comfortable, and does not impede movement or performance. The unique, award-winning design of the NuttyBuddy™ protective cup more effectively and comfortably covers the male anatomy, while a full range of sizes will help you achieve a perfect custom fit.


  • Constructed of the same materials used in bullet-proof glass and military protective gear
  • Unique anatomical shape provides superior protection.
  • Cushioned edge for comfort and fit
  • Vented for additional comfort

The cup is now sold in this package with jock included. In order to provide the utmost comfort and protection the NuttyBuddy is the only cup worn as a three piece system. To wear correctly, first put on compression base layer (sold separately). Place jock and cup over the compression wear.

The NuttyBuddy™ Performance Jock is engineered to hold you snug while allowing maximum freedom of movement. Using high quality, comfortable fabrics and durable construction, the NuttyBuddy™ Performance Jock is designed to fit the NuttyBuddy Protective Cup.


  • Superior support and comfort
  • 2.5" Ultrasoft waistband
  • Reinforced stitching for durability

NuttyBuddy™ cup sizing is based on body size:

The Boss
Cup Depth: 2"
Cup Length: 6.23" 
Cup Width: 3.41"
Body Height: 4’6” – 5’6”
Body Weight: 80-130 lbs

The Hog
Cup depth: 2.25"
Cup Length: 6.83"  
Cup Width: 4.0"
Body Height: 5'4” –5'8"
Body Weight: 130-170 lbs

The Trophy
Cup Depth: 2.375"
Cup Length: 7.03" 
Cup Width: 4.11"
Body Height: 5'8” – 6'2"
Body Weight: 170-210 lbs

Cup Depth: 2.5"
Cup Length: 7.18" 
Cup Width: 4.35"
Body Height: 6'2" and up
Body Weight: 210 lbs and up

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Product Video

ESPN Nutty Buddy Powered by Battle Sports Science

The Nutty Buddy is tested on Sports Science.


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Questions About This Product

Q: Thank you for putting the different sizing. What is the more important feature to look at when you are comparing the sizing? The height or the weight sizing. I'm 5'11" but, over 250 lbs. So I'm not sure if I should go Trophy or Mongo?
- Mike Semchuk
A: When looking at the sizing guidelines, it is best to look at height when selecting the cup size and weight (or waist size) when determining which size jock will fit. At 5'11", I would recommend you go with the Trophy. As for jock size, the range of waist size is listed in the drop down when selecting your size. Find what range you fall in, and order accordingly.
- Josh Mann

Q: What's the difference between "hog" and "trophy" with the Nutty Buddy?
- Jukobie Russell
A: Nutty Buddy has 5 different sizes of cups, all the same shape but varying in dimensions. The "Trophy" is one size larger than the "Hog". Thanks to your product question, we added the dimensions along with a sizing recommendation for each size in the product description which you can see above.
- Josh Mann

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Customer Reviews


Tim P.

Flint, MI

February 12, 2018
Very comfortable, hope to never have to see if it Definitely a great purchase.

Rob R.

New Port Richey, FL

January 1, 2018
Satisfied with the Nutty Buddy.

Lawrence W.

Canton, MI

October 9, 2017
Perfect protection.

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