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The NuttyBuddy® Jock is no ordinary jock. It has advanced features and is designed for your Nutty Buddy. Bottom line is your cup will fit perfectly in the jock, and the jock will make your cup fit snug to your body.

Listen closely. Your cup fitting close to your body is important. When you take a blow, you want the force dispersed to the pelvic bone and not to the most sensitive part of your body. Do yourself and your boys a favor. Get the Nutty Buddy jock.


  • 2" woven jacquard waist band elastic, constructed with Nylon and Spandex
  • 1" woven elastic unique designed with long stretch and high recovery.
  • Designed to fit TIGHT to your body, so you can feel safe, secure and protected
  • Slips over cup, no pouch needed
  • Offers comfort and durability

UMPIRES: Learn How To Wear Your Nutty Buddy Cup & Jock System Like A Pro

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Customer Reviews


Mark D.

Valley Center, KS

June 7, 2020
Best $25 ever spent. First game wearing jock has a batter HBP which ricocheted off cup up in my belly under chest protector. Umpires will understand. Absolutely no pain after direct hit when protected by Nutty Buddy jock and cup. Didn't lose my breath or miss a pitch!!

Ron S.

Columbia, MO

January 27, 2020
I used to wear the "normal" cup, but a foul ball to my midsection taught me that it was not doing its job. Then for years, I wore the NuttyBuddy cup in the Battle Compression shorts that came with it. I really liked this combination. Years of wearing this combination worked well for me, but my Battle compression shorts then wore out. Now, NuttyBuddy has its own compression shorts, jock-strap, cup combination. So, I went with that. While I liked the old combination, the new one is even better. I cannot explain how "covered" I feel. It is so comfortable that I do not even feel that I am wearing it. I actually wear it for not only baseball, but football, basketball, and soccer officiating. I figure if I do not even notice that I am wearing it, I may as well avoid any possible unpleasant situations.

Lance S.

Tucson, AZ

December 14, 2019
It seems to work perfectly with my Nutty Buddy cup. I would buy it again. At least for me, the fit seems true to size.

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