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  • NB-FLEX NuttyBuddy Flex Athletic Cup Front Left Angled View
  • NB-FLEX NuttyBuddy Flex Athletic Cup Front Left Angled View with Diagram
  • NB-FLEX NuttyBuddy Flex Athletic Cup Front View
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A baseball traveling at 90 mph can deliver 2,400 lbs of force. Other cups on the market can reduce that impact to 450 lbs of force—still enough to cause serious injury. The NuttyBuddy® Flex Cup has been proven in scientific tests to reduce that impact to just 110 lbs of force, which is within acceptable levels of impact.

A properly fitting cup shifts less, is more comfortable, and does not impede movement or performance. The unique, award-winning design of the Nutty Buddy Flex Cup more effectively and comfortably covers the male anatomy, while a full range of sizes - Hog, Trophy and Mongo - will help you achieve a perfect custom fit.

For those who need more give in their protective cup, go for the FLEX. Originally designed for MMA fighters, this cup is designed for even more comfort and flexibility.


  • Constructed of the same materials used in bullet-proof glass and military protective gear
  • Unique anatomical shape provides superior protection - a.k.a. Protecting the Boys®.
  • Flexible, rubberized edge for comfort and fit
  • Vented for additional comfort

In order to provide the utmost comfort and protection the Nutty Buddy, we recommend you wear your flex cup worn as a three piece system. To wear correctly, first put on compression base layer. Place jock and cup over the compression wear. Note: compression base layer and jock sold separately.



Cup Depth: 2.5"
Cup Length: 7.18" 
Cup Width: 4.35"
Body Height: 6'2" and up
Body Weight: 210 lbs and up


Cup Depth: 2.375"
Cup Length: 7.03" 
Cup Width: 4.11"
Body Height: 5'8” – 6'2"
Body Weight: 170 - 210 lbs


Cup depth: 2.25"
Cup Length: 6.83"  
Cup Width: 4.0"
Body Height: 5'4” – 5'8"
Body Weight: 130 - 170 lbs

UMPIRES: Learn How To Wear Your Nutty Buddy Cup & Jock System Like A Pro

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Product Video

ESPN Nutty Buddy Video from Sports Science

Inventor Mark Littell tests the Nutty Buddy Protective Cup with a 90+ MPH baseball on Sports Science.


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Official Reviews


Benjamin B.

Brooklyn, NY

August 17, 2021
The Sports Science test compelled me to try it. For the price point, it's great!!!! 3 shots and held tough. The contoured designed protects the jewels.

Jerry B.

Taylor, TX

April 16, 2021
Had the original for years great product. Which too this one even better and is extremely comfortable.

Ken G.

Liberty Hill, TX

March 1, 2021
Fortunately so far, I haven't taken one for the "team" where it hurts most. But when I do, I'm confident all will be well down there.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Will the Smitty Grey Compression Tights work with the Nutty Buddy?
– Michael Hogg

While the NuttyBuddy cup can be placed into the cup pocket of the Smitty Grey Compression Tights, it is not recommended. This flex cup is designed as a part of a system with the NuttyBuddy Jock and Lock Core compression shorts. See the details HERE.

– Ty Unthank
Communication & Service Specialist, Pro Umpire School Graduate and Umpire

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