Plastic Umpire Plate Brush

Plastic Umpire Plate Brush

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  • Plastic Umpire Plate Brush
  • Plastic Umpire Plate Brush
  • UB2 Plastic Umpire Plate Brush - Side View
  • Plastic Umpire Plate Brush
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This black plastic umpire brush is your best choice if you prefer keeping your umpire brush in your back pocket.


  • Plastic black handle
  • Sturdy nylon bristles
  • Slimmer profile fits easily in either the inside pocket of any umpire ball bag or the back pocket of your pants.
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Official Reviews

August 28, 2023   Verified Purchase
Haven't used this specific one, but since it's replacing the same thing... Fits very nicely in my hand, and also in the ball bag. My only complaint is that the bristles tend to wear unevenly, which can make brushing the plate take a little longer.
July 31, 2023   Verified Purchase
I love these small compact brushes for base work. They fit in the back pocket and are small enough not to get stuck but stiff enough to clean what you need.
July 16, 2023   Verified Purchase
Love the plastic umpire plate brushes over the bulky wood ones. Great quality and fits in your ball bag pocket great.

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