Diamond MMA High Performance Athletic Cup

STS-CUP Diamond MMA High Performance Athletic Cup Front Angled View

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  • STS-CUP Diamond MMA High Performance Athletic Cup Front Angled View
  • STS-CUP Diamond MMA High Performance Athletic Cup Front View
  • STS-CUP Diamond MMA High Performance Athletic Cup Back View
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The Diamond MMA High Performance Athletic Cup is the ultimate in groin protection for high-impact sports and umpires. It delivers highly effective groin protection without sacrificing comfort.

Designed by award winning designers and Stanford University engineers, the Diamond MMA system has been approved by Doctors and Urologists.

In combination with the Diamond MMA Quad-Strap Jock or Compression Shorts with integrated jock, the cup stays completely in place with dedicated straps to minimize both lateral and vertical movement. The Diamond MMA cup is used by athletes, the US military, and, of course, umpires.


  • Incorporates a co-molded elastomer design coupled with a polycarbonate core to provide uncompromising comfort and protection.
  • Multiple angles allow for better deflection of force upon impact.
  • Patent pending design protects sensitive groin muscles and nerves with a specially designed ergonomic soft elastomer edge.
  • Core of the cup is made with a rigid but flexible polycarbonate, the same plastic material utilized in bulletproof glass.
  • Cup Sizing: One-size-fits-most

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Diamond MMA Overview

Watch the construction and features of the @Diamondmma Cup & Quad Strap Jock. The Cup, Jock, & Compression Shorts w/ Jock available on Ump-Attire.com

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Official Reviews

February 7, 2024
Purchased this cup after my Nutty Buddy wore out after a year of use. After wearing it twice, I'm convinced it's a solid upgrade. How does a cup wear out you might ask? The rubber gasket around the Nutty Buddy snaps into place like a piece of weather stripping around a window and after a year of normal wear and tear (going in and out of a jock) it was simply blown out and wouldn't stay in place. The rubber was worn in several places and the small tabs locking it in place had stopped holding. The rubber around the Diamond MMA cup is much more substantial and molded into the business area of the cup and I expect it to be much more durable.
February 1, 2024   Verified Purchase
It's a nice back-up cup. The rubber sides are nice.
November 21, 2023   Verified Purchase
Great protector, most comfortable I've had. Really hope I don't find out good it works.

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Q: So it’s just under $100 to get the cup and jock strap? Or do you get the cup and jock strap for $48?
– Erik Gertz

This cup is sold separately from the Diamond MMA Quad Strap Jock.

– Cortney Anderson
Customer Service Specialist

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WARNING: Participants in any sports activity assume risk of injury. This equipment may be used to help aid in preventing or reducing the extent of injury. No equipment can guarantee umpire or player safety from injury during participation, and use of this equipment carries no such guarantee. Do not use any umpire equipment that is damaged in any way.