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A baseball traveling at 90 mph can deliver 2,400 lbs of force. Other cups on the market can reduce that impact to 450 lbs of force—still enough to cause serious injury. The NuttyBuddy® protective cup has been proven in scientific tests to reduce that impact to just 110 lbs of force, which is within acceptable levels of impact.

A properly fitting cup shifts less, is more comfortable, and does not impede movement or performance. The unique, award-winning design of the Nutty Buddy Classic Athletic Cup more effectively and comfortably covers the male anatomy, while a full range of sizes - Boss, Hog, Trophy and Mongo - will help you achieve a perfect custom fit.

This cup is NuttyBuddy's most protective. Full high impact from any assault—front, side, and underneath. If you umpire or play a sport with a hard ball – Buy this cup. Ideal for baseball, hockey, and lacrosse. This is the beast that will keep you and your heirs safe.


  • Constructed of the same materials used in bullet-proof glass and military protective gear
  • Unique anatomical shape provides superior protection - a.k.a. Protecting the Boys®.
  • Cushioned edge for comfort and fit
  • Vented for additional comfort

In order to provide the utmost comfort and protection the Nutty Buddy, we recommend you wear your cup worn as a three piece system. To wear correctly, first put on compression base layer. Place jock and cup over the compression wear. Note: compression base layer and jock sold separately.

Size Chart


Cup Depth: 2.5"
Cup Length: 7.18" 
Cup Width: 4.35"
Body Height: 6'2" and up
Body Weight: 210 lbs and up


Cup Depth: 2.375"
Cup Length: 7.03" 
Cup Width: 4.11"
Body Height: 5'8” – 6'2"
Body Weight: 170 - 210 lbs


Cup depth: 2.25"
Cup Length: 6.83"  
Cup Width: 4.0"
Body Height: 5'4” – 5'8"
Body Weight: 130 - 170 lbs


Cup Depth: 2"
Cup Length: 3.41"
Cup Width: 6.23"
Body Height: 4'6" - 5'4"
Body Weight: 80 - 130 lbs

UMPIRES: Learn How To Wear Your Nutty Buddy Cup & Jock System Like A Pro

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Product Video

ESPN Nutty Buddy Video from Sports Science

Inventor Mark Littell tests the Nutty Buddy Protective Cup with a 90+ MPH baseball on Sports Science.

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Official Reviews


Barry H.

Jackson, TN

April 25, 2022
Captain Ramrod's Nutty Buddy is a game changer in protection. I have taken 3 shots from pitchers throwing 80 MPH or better, straight on the Nutty Buddy and each time I barely knew I had been hit. I will never go behind the plate without a Nutty Buddy again.

Matthew M.

Indian Trail, NC

March 25, 2022
Love the design of this cup. Feel way more secure and protected than with a regular cup. The only issue is that the cup seems a little too rigid on its sides. I'm going to order the Flex cup as well to see if I like that one better (but if not, I'll stick to the Classic).

Ryan K.

San Juan Capistrano, CA

February 18, 2022
The most comfortable cup I’ve ever worn due to the shape and material. I’ve taken a few shots with this buddy over the last year. One direct and a few bouncers. 5 stars. Took a 80MPH straight shot to it last night and only needed 30 seconds due to the shock to my ego. No bruising and pain the next day.

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Questions About This Product

Q: I was going to order a spare, but just saw that this item is discontinued. Do you know if they will be coming out with a new version?
– Matthew Mann

Stock up with the newest & more comfortable fitting NuttyBuddy Flex Athletic Cup!

– Brandon Lawson
Support Specialist, Pro Umpire School Graduate and Umpire, Football Official & Basketball Referee

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NuttyBuddy, Inc. warrants that NuttyBuddy® athletic cup is free from defects and will reduce the risk of injury during normal playing conditions.

These warranties of merchantability and fitness DO NOT apply if: (1) The NuttyBuddy® athletic cup does not fit properly or is worn incorrectly, (2) is not consistently stored in a cool, dark location when not being used. (3) after one year from date of purchase, and (4) is used in any way other than for which it was designed.

Please inspect the NuttyBuddy® athletic cup for damage before each use and do not use if damaged in any way.

If the NuttyBuddy® athletic cup is proven to the satisfaction of NuttyBuddy, Inc. to be defective, NuttyBuddy Inc. will refund the cost of the product. Under no circumstances shall NuttyBuddy, Inc. be liable for any consequential or other damages in connection with the use of this product.