NASO Members: How to Access Your 10% Online Discount

Aug 27th, 2018

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Step #1
Know your email address for your NASO membership.

Step #2
Have an account? Go to Step #3. If not, create one using your NASO membership email address.

Step #3
Log out of your account and log back in. This verifies your NASO membership.

Step #4
Check your account profile page where you can see your eligibilty for your NASO discount benefits each time you log in.

Step #5
Shop for what you need as usual. Your NASO discount applies automatically at checkout.


I do not know what email address I use with NASO.
Contact Judy Ball at NASO to retrieve your email address.

I already have an account, and the email address I use is is different from the email address I use with NASO.
As the email addresses must match, you can ask NASO to change your email address; or you can create a new, second account at using your NASO membership email address.

I am adding products to my cart, and I do not see discount prices.
Your discount is applied at checkout to yout total order on the final checkout/payment screen.

I do not have an email address on file with NASO.
We are sorry, but you will need to use an email address to access the 10% online discount.

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