Baseball Rules Academy: Advanced Rule Lookup & So Much More

Sep 30th, 2020

Baseball Rules Academy

How many times have you thought, "I wish I had come up with that"? Chris Welsh, commentator for the Cincinnati Reds, has done that with Baseball Rules Academy.

Baseball Rules Academy is an online platform where every rule - from MLB, NCAA, NFHS, Little League and more - can be easily searched and compared.

Want to know what happens after a Balk is called? Search it on Baseball Rules Academy. How about differences in interpretations of catcher's interference throughout all levels? Search it on Baseball Rules Academy.

Featuring a video library that features MLB umpire Ted Barrett #65, the Baseball Rules Academy, breaks down situations such as;

Chris Welsh and Ted Barrett

Check out our friends Baseball Rules Academy to answer all of your rule questions plus expert analysis by category, and a rules forum - all for free.

Baseball Rules Academy is the Official Rules Resource of

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