Wilson MLB West Vest Gold Umpire Chest Protector

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  • A3210 Wilson MLB West Vest Gold Umpire Chest Protector Worn Back View
  • A3210 Wilson MLB West Vest Gold Umpire Chest Protector Worn Front View in Umpire Shirt
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In 3 fitted sizes, the Wilson West Vest Gold Umpire Chest Protector provides superior protection for multiple body types. More MLB umpires choose "The Gold" as their everyday chest protector than any other.


  • Fitted with extra side padding for extra comfort and protection
  • Black hard shell on outside with soft inner padding
  • Contoured for comfortable fit
  • Removable plates allow for easy cleaning
  • Gold Wilson and MLB logos on outer shell - Wilson is the Official Umpire Gear of Major League Baseball┬« and Minor League Baseball┬«.
  • Sized differently from other chest protectors, the Gold is available in 3 general chest sizes and lengths. This makes the Gold a good hard shell choice, especially for umpires with a smaller frame body type.  Sizes available are based on coat sizes and lengths.
    S (under 38) - 11" (neck to bottom)
    M-L (38-44) - 12" (neck to bottom)
    L-XL (46-54) - 13" (neck to bottom)
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)
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Product Video

The Official 2-Minute Review: Wilson MLB West Vest Umpire Chest Protector

ACC & SEC Umpire Scott Kennedy gives an inside look at Wilson's most popular umpire chest protector.


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Customer Reviews


John P.

Camarilo, CA

October 29, 2019
Very comfortable when fitted properly, looks good, and best of all, you don't feel a thing when you get hit. The pad under the shoulders tends to pop out a little, which looks off if you don't push it back in, but it is hardly an issue to me.

Jon S.


August 27, 2019
This is my first chest protector for umpiring. Great protection! Biggest negative for me are the small flaps just beneath shoulders. They move too much, don't lay comfortably, and work themselves in front of shoulder pads. Maybe it's just the fit. With the collar high enough to protect collar bones, the tabs don't wrap slightly under armpit (which I'm assuming it should).

Stephen T.


August 11, 2019
Purchased the Wilson MLB West Vest Gold Umpire chest protector after seeing a partner go down wearing a soft-shell chest protector. Was going to wait until next season to buy but decided to purchase while it was on sale. First time wearing it, took a shoot to the left shoulder and the foul ball bounced 20 feet away, and never felt a thing. So far a worth while investment.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Do you guys sell any lower rib/stomach extensions for the Wilson Gold Chest Protector?
– Alec Sotolongo

I'm sorry Alec, but the Wilson Gold umpire chest protector does not have anywhere to attach an abdomen extension. The Force3 V3 Ultimate chest protectorSchutt XV HDX, Diamond ProDiamond iX3Champro Pro-Plus Plate Armor and Champro Pro-Plus are compatible with an abdomen extension.

– Ty Unthank
Customer Service Specialist, Pro Umpire School Graduate and Umpire

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