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RESTORE Shoe Shampoo washes away the dirt and stains from leather, suede, canvas, nylon, vinyl and rubber materials. The all-in-one bottle with bristle applicator tip allows you to easily clean your umpire and referee shoes without water.

This a great option to easily clean your all-black or black & white umpire shoes and patent leather or full-grain referee shoes. Restore Shoe Shampoo can also be used on dress, golf and athletic shoes.

RESTORE shoe care products have been used by the US Navy since 1997 and are made in the USA.


  • Invert bottle and press brush top applicator against shoe. Scrub lightly.
  • Wipe off access with cloth or sponge and allow to dry.
  • Buff with cloth to a lustrous finish.


Product Video

Crew How-To: RESTORE Shoe Shampoo

Ty shows you how to easily clean your umpire and referee shoes with RESTORE Shoe Shampoo.


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Official Reviews


Micheal M.

Indianapolis, IN

October 26, 2020
I am usually pretty particular about my shoes. I read a couple of the other reviews and decided that at the price, I would take a look and see how well it works. I was amazed at how quickly it cleaned the fabric as well as the rest of the shoe. I decided to try it on my leather and it worked great. I recommend the product highly!

Brian H.

Largo, FL

October 17, 2020
Love this RESTORE Shoe Shampoo. It works great on my New Balance shoes. 2nd bottle bought so far, and I am sure more to come!!

Jason B.


September 12, 2020
Love this RESTORE Shoe Shampoo. Easy to use just brush the grass off and take a damp cloth and wipe your shoes down. I then apply this and it gets my shoes clean and they shine.

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