NCAA & NAIA Mound Visit Tracker Cards

MVT NCAA & NAIA Mound Visit Tracker Cards

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  • MVT NCAA & NAIA Mound Visit Tracker Cards
  • MVT NCAA & NAIA Mound Visit Tracker Cards Inside
  • MVT NCAA & NAIA Mound Visit Tracker Cards Inside Lineup Holder
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NCAA & NAIA umpires finally have an organizational tool to easily record team conferences / mound visits for compliance with the new 2019 pace of play rules.

The Mound Visit Tracker is a bi-fold card with “Home” and “Visitor” side-by-side with bonus coach’s challenge references on the back.

Each card has a muti-lined layout to conveniently record the details required for each conference visit:

  • Inning
  • Batter Number
  • Player Number
  • Count
  • Score

Each card is made of heavy-weight card stock paper, usable with pen or pencil.

Cards are sold in a pack of 15

The cards work best and are made-to-fit in any size flip or book-style wallet / lineup card holder (not included), yet sturdy enough for stand-alone use. Use 1 card for each game.

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Customer Reviews


Jerry B.

Taylor, TX

April 29, 2019
Good product! It is a lot easier than the way I was doing it before and using the back of the lineup card. I also use it in softball games. I would do a little adjustments to it just to fit the need of the sport. Again really good product in making game management easier on us. Thanks!

Stephen O.

Tyler, TX

April 22, 2019
The card is good, but like others have said, it needs some tweaking. Having the spots for the trip in extra innings would be great. Also having some blank space for notes would be helpful. The review guidelines are helpful, but most of us work in a world without replay. I would suggest a DH rule quick reference. Maybe not take up the entire front of the card with the ump-attire logo. Also, maybe a check box for if it is a coach trip. Not sure why the first three are listed as team trips and the second are coach trips. In actuality, it seems that most trips are still taken by coaches.

Dwayne C.

Channelview , TX

April 6, 2019
Good product but would prefer coaches visit listed as first 3 instead of in the last 3 spaces.

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