Smitty Deluxe XL Expandable Umpire Ball Bag

S383-BK Smitty Black Deluxe Expandable Ball Bag

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  • S383-BK Smitty Black Deluxe Expandable Ball Bag
  • S383-N Smitty Navy Deluxe Expandable Ball Bag
  • S383-BK Smitty Deluxe Expandable Black Umpire Ball Bag Side View
  • S383-BK Smitty Deluxe Expandable Black Umpire Ball Bag Side View with Baseball
  • S383-N Smitty Deluxe Expandable Navy Umpire Ball Bag Side View
  • S383-N Smitty Deluxe Expandable Navy Umpire Ball Bag Side View with Softball
  • S383 Holds 5 Softballs
  • S383 Holds 8 Baseballs
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Smitty's Deluxe XL Expandable Umpire Ball Bag expands to hold more baseballs or softballs than any ball bag on the planet. If you are an umpire who likes to keep many baseballs or a softball umpire who struggles to find ball bags that are not big enough to hold enough softballs without them falling out, this is the ball bag for you.

Additional benefits include easy access, water-resistant fabric to help keep balls dry and right-sized accessory pouches.


  • 2D 11.25" width x 11.75" height (top of loops to bottom of bag) expands outwardly at base to hold up to 8 baseballs or 5 softballs
  • Expandable feature also makes putting your hand in and out a breeze
  • Reinforced fabric and durable construction to support greater weight of additional baseballs
  • Water-resistant back lining
  • Interior pockets sized just right for plate brush, indicator and pencil (won't fall deep into the pouches)
  • Available in black, navy, heather grey, or charcoal grey
  • 2 belt loops / fits on umpire belts
  • Sold as single bag, not a pair

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Customer Reviews



Columbus, OH

January 10, 2020
I have tried a few different types of ball bags over the years. Now, I have not tried the expensive ($15+) ball bags, but I am not sure how much better they could be than the Smitty XL. This ball bag is very large and can easily hold 6 baseballs comfortably. I've had as many as 8 in them, but prefer to have 5 or less for a professional appearance. The lining is nice and keeps the baseballs dry, even during rainfall. The lining also prevents sweat from your body getting the baseballs wet. The pockets at the top are nice for the line-up card folder and your plate brush. I recommend these to any new or experienced umpire. These are worth spending a few dollars more to have the larger, expandable sides. It will give you a better appearance and fit better with less flopping when you run.

Liz K.


December 18, 2019
Took a while for this product to reach me. We have moved to wearing grey pants, so purchasing a grey ball bag was next. I will be using it in January when our season resumes.

Frank H.

Pikeville, KY

December 17, 2019
Great product.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Do you have a softball ball bag?
– Enrique Rivero
A: While not specific to any sport, this ball bag is the preferred ball bag for softball umpires. With its XL size, it can comfortably hold 3 12" softballs or 8 baseballs.
– Josh Mann
Marketing Assistant, Pro School Umpire Graduate

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