Wilson MLB West Vest Pro Umpire Shin Guards

A3409 Wilson MLB West Vest Pro Umpire Shin Guards

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  • A3409 Wilson MLB West Vest Pro Umpire Shin Guards
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The Pro-Model umpire shin guards provide more protection above the knee from the triple-knee design than other shin guards and more size options than other Wilson models.


  • Unique triple knee design provides maximum above-the-knee protection.
  • Contoured inner padding is nylon shell with foam for superb comfort to both knee and leg - same padding design as Wilson Platinum and Gold chest protectors
  • Floating lower knee for better flex upon bending
  • Expanded ankle plates provide maximum ankle more protection.
  • Velcro connects padding to outer shell allowing for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Stitched plastic for added durability
  • MLB logo on ankle plate
  • Black color with gold "W" logo matches Wilson Gold chest protector
  • Adjustable sizing: (16"-17" or 18"-19") for custom fit of most knee to foot lengths. Sizes are not the full length of the shin guard but the distance between where the middle of your knee would go to where your leg meets your foot.
  • Wilson is the official umpire gear of Major League Baseball┬« and Minor League Baseball┬«.
  • Weight: 16/17- 5.2 lbs., 18/19- 5.6 lbs.


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Customer Reviews


Jason K.

Ranshaw, PA

August 30, 2019
Really good umpire shin guards. Highly recommended! Comfortable and well made.

Daniel R.

Yonkers, NY

July 2, 2019
Love ordering from Ump-Attire.com opposed to other umpire sites. My merchandise comes in a few days, not when the season is over. I am 5'11; the size 16'-17' is perfect for me. Ages 15 and under they're a little too much but college men's league or pro I always felt safe with my Wilson MLB West Vest Pro Umpire shin guards on.

Andrew H.

Saint Paul, MN

July 1, 2019
Decided to upgrade from my starter Champro Kit (the chest and mask work great! The legs were a little uncomfortable) and decided to go with these. Couldn't be happier! My partner in my first game with them made a comment on how big they were but instantly I could tell they were going to be comfortable all game. Happened to take 3 balls off of them that game. It was a light thud and didn't feel a thing. Able to stay with the play and make a call on an advancing runner. Don't think there is anything above these to upgrade too. They get a little warm on hot days but the payoff is definitely worth it!

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Questions About This Product

Q: Can the toe guard be removed for a better fit on the plate shoes?
– Gustavo Garza

The toe guard is attached via rivets and will rest over the tongue of your plate shoe for maximum protection. However,  your plate shoes should provide adequate protection so some umpires cut this piece off.

– Ty Unthank
Customer Service Specialist, Pro Umpire School Graduate and Umpire

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