Baseball & Softball Umpire Plate Brushes

The most popular umpire brush for cleaning home plate is the wooden handle brush. If you don't want to spend much time thinking about your choices, the wooden brush is your best bet. It has a traditional look and is the most durable.

Get a plastic handle brush if you want to keep your brush in your back pocket. It's easier to pull in and out there because it is smaller and thinner.

The 3-in-1 umpire brushes have a scraper for mud or heavy-duty dirt. Consider these only if this has been a problem for you or if you need to measure bat diameter.

Experienced umpires keep multiple types of umpire brushes in their bag based on condition or preference. For more details, read the Umpire Plate Brushes Buying Guide

Kits with Brush, Indicator & Ball Bag: UMP-KIT

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