Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Flex Cup

SD203 Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Flex Cup Front Angled View

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  • SD203 Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Flex Cup Front Angled View
  • SD203 Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Flex Cup
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The Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Cup is completely unbreakable and astonishingly flexible. It could be the only protective up you'll ever buy.


  • The stainless steel alloy is so light it weighs barely an ounce more than the Power Carbon Cup
  • A special dual-density gel perimeter pad makes it supremely comfortable.
  • Its unique, anatomical shape conforms to the body and vent holes keep everything cool.
  • Sized for adult

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Official Reviews


Griffin B.

Bainbridge Island, WA

March 30, 2021
Great fit for the Shock Doctor Jock Strap! It’s comfortable and more protective than anything else I’ve used. My only problem is that the one I received looked very dirty almost a rust look on the inside.

Hiroya S.

Tomigusuku , OKINAWA

November 25, 2018
This is the best one for me! Comparing to Mizuno's cup, this is more comfortable and protective because of the shape and material.

Terence O.

Alexandria, MN

April 4, 2018
This cup is just as comfortable as all the other cups on the market, plus you got titanium protection. Nice cup!

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Questions About This Product

Q: Is the gel sticky, making it difficult to insert into the cup or does it slide easily into the cup pocket?
– Dean Bernales

The dual-density gel perimeter has a grip similar to rubber, ensuring the cup will stay in place once inserted into the cup pocket.    

– Ty Unthank
Communication & Service Specialist, Pro Umpire School Graduate and Umpire

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