Minor League Baseball Manual for the Two-Umpire System

Minor League Baseball Manual for the Two-Umpire System

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Formerly called the "PBUC Manual", this 177-page manual serves as the official guide and handbook for all Minor League Baseball (MiLB) umpires using a two-umpire system. The manual contains such subjects as mechanics, coverage, positioning, responsibilities, optional coverages, procedures, and terminology used in a two-umpire system by professional umpires. 80 detailed diagrams highlight the proper mechanics, positioning, and coverages for virtually every type of play in a two-umpire system.

The concepts and methods contained in this book are those that are taught at the annual MiLB Evaluation Course for candidates seeking umpiring positions in professional baseball. These are the same mechanics which are recommended and taught by the Minor League Baseball Umpire Development staff when supervising, evaluating, and instructing umpires in all Minor League Baseball leagues. In addition, the book is made available to the private umpire schools whose primary function is to train prospective professional umpires.

Now includes an "abreviated" version with illustrations as well as the original format of the Two-Umpire System.

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Official Reviews


Curtis W.

Cypress, TX

June 5, 2020
This manual is easy to read and well designed.


May 2, 2018
This product is great to help you further your understanding of the two umpire system.

Steven L

Austin, Texas

May 1, 2012
This book is great for every beginner...or veteran. My old one has been worn out, year after year. Its easy to read, easy to understand, and will benefit everyone who reads it.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Is this the latest published version (2015) of the MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL MANUAL FOR THE TWO-UMPIRE SYSTEM? How often is it typically updated?
– Jeff Frese
A: The Two-Umpire System Manual undergoes minor changes from year to year depending on which mechanics were updated. This is the most recent publication was published in 2017.
– Josh Mann
Pro School Umpire Graduate

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