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  • M39 Flex Belt
  • Flex Belt
  • Flex Belt
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Look your best the whole game with this highly practical, stretchable rubber Flex Belt / hidden shirt tailer. It fits around your hips over your umpire or referee shirt and inside your pants or shorts to keep your shirt securely tucked in. The Flex Belt helps the shirt resist pulling up while also helping to keep the slacks from sagging down.


  • Comfortable and durable soft rubber
  • Increased button diameter to resist pull-through
  • Reinforced end for extra durability not found on flex belts from other manufacturers
  • Lightweight 3.3 ounces
  • Flex belt is one size fits most (Length is 44" and stretches to 46").
  • Available in Creme or Grey


  1. Put on your umpire or referee shirt and, before pulling up your pants, place the flex belt over your shirt just below where your pant's waistband will go. The smooth side should be against your shirt with the pegs pointing out.
  2. Stretch 1-2 inches to pull tight.
  3. Place the button in a hole in a middle row.
    (Note: the trick is that when stretching the belt, place the button through a hole that has been stretched length-wise making it much easier to button than if you had not stretched the belt.)
  4. Once buttoned, trim to the desired length leaving 4" for overlap.

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Flex Belt Instructions from Manufacturer Hero's Pride

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Customer Reviews


Anthony L.

Cordova, TN

February 16, 2020
Great product, holds my basketball referee pants in place so no more tugging on my waistband.

Kenneth G.

Elko, NV

September 4, 2019
Never knew I needed this but after putting the belt in my kit this year I've already noticed that I've not needed to re-tuck my shirt on the field anymore. Should've done it sooner.

Saul L.

Tallmadge, OH

August 23, 2019
Terrible product. Extremely stiff with tiny holes. And for some unknown reason; they increased the diameter of the button making it virtually impossible to use. Don't waste your money.

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