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FLIP58 Alternate Possession Switch

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  • FLIP58 Alternate Possession Switch
  • FLIP58-Alternate Possession Switch in Whistle
  • FLIP58-Alternate Possession Switch in Whistle Black
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An effective tool that attaches to select whistles to that accurately manages alternating possession throughout all levels of amateur basketball.


  • Each time there is an alternating possession situation, flip the black and white switch.
  • When the switch is in the up (white) position, it represents the home team. When in the down (black) position, it represents the visiting team or team with the darker jerseys - can be determined by sight or feel.
  • Possession switch's double sided tape allows it to easily be secured in Fox 40 classic and classic whistles with cushioned mouth grip (manufacturer of switch not affiliated with Fox 40 - See below for more info).
  • Fits Fox 40 Classic, Classic CMG and Pearl Whistles. Does not fit in ACME or Fox 40, Fuziun, Dolfin, Sonik, Classic Eclipse, Epik or Mini Whistles.


  1. Set your switch in the up position (white showing).
  2. Make sure the surface of your whistle is clean. Peel off the protective cover on the tape to expose the adhesive.
  3. Insert your switch into the whistle.
  4. When your switch is in place, press firmly on switch to create a good seal between switch and whistle.
  5. To insure the best installation results and a maximum seal between the whistle and your switch installation temperature should be from 70°F to 100°F.

Staff Notes

Whistle in picture shows what Flip58 will look like once installed. The whistle is not included and whistles do not come with the Flip58 pre-installed.

Fox 40 has required the manufacturer of this switch to include the disclaimer below to insure that you know it is not a Fox 40 product.


This product is not connected in any way with nor endorsed by Foxtron International, Inc. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the manufacturer of the Fox 40 International Inc. whistles. This product may reduce the performance of the Fox 40 International Inc. whistles.

Product Video

Crew How-To: Alternate Possession Switch

See how to easily use and attach this possession switch to a Fox 40 Classic, Classic CMG and Pearl whistle.


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Official Reviews


Andrew W.

Youngstown, OH

March 31, 2022
I have always been a "whistle in my pocket" guy to keep track of the AP arrow on games where I have amateur scorekeepers or during youth tournaments where table personnel cannot be relied upon. So I bought one of these just to see if I liked it more. Here is my 2 cents: 1) It connects to your Fox 40 whistle quite easily. 2) The flipper stays in place. I'm touching my whistle constantly taking it out of my mouth to communicate with players, coaches, etc. and was skeptical as to whether or not the switch would move too freely. The hinge keeps it where it is supposed to be unless you purposely move it after an AP throw in.

Dave M.

New Fairfield, CT

August 12, 2021
I've used these for years. Table crews vary in the level of attention and putting a coin or extra whistle from pocket to pocket looks awkward and a little shabby and some associations don't want that done. After a few times using it you'll come to realize that the white side is up and the black side is down so you'll never really have to look at it, just touch it during a held ball. Small, easy, and discreet.

Larry S.

Arlington, TX

January 17, 2021
In middle school games, you don’t always have scoring table workers that keep up. Thought I would give this a try. Was really surprised how easy it was to keep up with this toggle. Easy to attach to my whistle and really stands out. 100% would recommend this product.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Does the A/P switch work on the Fox 40 mini?
– Xxx Xxx

This possession switch will only fit the Fox 40 Classic Whistle, Classic with Cushioned Mouth Grip, and Pearl.

– Josh Mann
Pro School Umpire Graduate

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