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The Pocket Pressure Gauge is a  must for officials who need to accurately check the pressure of any inflatable ball. Gauge features air release valve for you to easily adjust pressure of overly inflated balls. Dial reads both KG and PSI.


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Customer Reviews


Jeremy S.

Brainerd, MN

July 28, 2018
I would prefer a metal body for durability, since it feels a bit flimsy. Otherwise, it's really good for balls since it's designed for low pressure and more precise than most other pressures gauges.

Marc Kelley

July 23, 2009
The pocket pressure gauge has worked extremely well for me. For an official to start the game off right by checking the ball pressure (as well as net height) only adds to his/her credibility. I highly recommend carrying this, a net setter and pump to all volleyball officials. I placed a sticker on the back of mine reminding me of the proper ball inflation range.

Eric Dowson

July 21, 2009
I used the pocket pressure gauge last year and the gauge performed well.

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