Smitty Women's Athletic Fit Flat Front Referee Pants with Western-Cut Pockets

S276-WPFF Smitty Women's Flat Front Referee Pants

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  • S276-WPFF Smitty Women's Flat Front Referee Pants
  • S276-WPFF Smitty Women's Flat Front Referee Pants
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A flat front style in women's referee pants that features wrinkle resistant, washable gabardine twill and a comfort waistband in women's sizing and cut.


  • 100% Black Polyester Gabardine Twill
  • Flat front with no belt loops (beltless)
  • Comfort Waistband
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Washable
  • Easy Fit and Care
  • Worn by college and professional basketball referees
  • Unhemmed
  • Sized for women but as typical with women's officiating pants, this item may require alterations for a more proper fit

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Crew How-To: Pressing and Ironing Your Umpire & Referee Pants

Ty gives you detailed, step-by-step, instructions to keep your umpire or referee pants looking sharp and crisp.

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Official Reviews

August 28, 2023   Verified Purchase
Smitty still doesn't recognize that women need pants for women. These pants run about 2 sizes too small and are cut for a man. I really believe these are the exact pants they sell and market for men. These are the worst pants ever for a woman. Why would I want to spend $40 for pants and then another 50 to have them altered? I have a pair of Honig pants from about 15 years ago, and they were so nice and contoured for a woman; I sure wish they still made them.
October 31, 2022   Verified Purchase
Runs small. Needed to exchange for 1-2 sizes up from what I usually wear. In addition, if you're curvy or blessed with more padding in the back, there will be a very annoying gap where the top of the pants should meet your back. Might need to get professionally tailored. But I do love the permanent crease and the customer service.
February 13, 2022   Verified Purchase
They do run small that I had to return what I received. My other Smitty’s pants are a size 6 and this style 6 fit too tight. I’m afraid to order an 8.

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Questions About This Product

Q: What is the inseam for the women volleyball referee pants?
– Chuck Cone

Good question Chuck. Smitty manufactures all of their pants with a standard 36" inseam regardless of style.

– Sherie Sandifer
Office/Service Manager

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