Smitty Athletic Fit Pleated Referee Pants with Slash Pockets

MZ30 Smitty Pleated Referee Pants

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  • MZ30 Smitty Pleated Referee Pants
  • MZ30 Smitty Pleated Referee Pants
  • MZ30 Smitty Pleated Referee Pants
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These Pleated Referee Pants by Smitty have been the standard in referee pants for some time. Officials in multiple sports including basketball and volleyball wear this beltless style referee pants in garbadine twill fabric. The result is a super durable, wrinkle-reistant and machine-washable pant that has you looking great on the court.

  • Double-pleated
  • 100% black polyester gabardine twill
  • Beltless style comfort waistband
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Washable
  • Easy fit and care
  • Pants come unhemmed. Unhemmed length is 36".

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Crew How-To: Pressing and Ironing Your Umpire & Referee Pants

Ty gives you detailed, step-by-step, instructions to keep your umpire or referee pants looking sharp and crisp.

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Official Reviews

December 4, 2022   Verified Purchase
A bit baggy but comfortable!
December 24, 2021   Verified Purchase
I'm using this pants for years. Excellent quality.
December 24, 2021   Verified Purchase
Easy care! Great pants!

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Questions About This Product

Q: I was wondering if you wear the size that you wear in regular pants or do you go up in sizes?
– Stan Jones
You should wear the waist size that you wear in regular pants. These pants are available in even and odd number sizes, 30 - 38 to dial in your best fit. Even numbers if outside 30 - 38.
– Hunter Fry
Supplier Relationship Manager, Customer Service Specialist, Former Basketball Referee

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