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Umpire Shin Guards Buying Guide

Mar 5th, 2017

Warning. Below could be the most comprehensive buying guide on umpire shin guards ever written or the driest. Most likely, it's both. Regardless, reading it should help you choose which shin guard is right for you. This is why you are reading it, right? Umpire shin guards today do offer greater protection…

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Umpire Indicator Buying Guide

Dec 6th, 2016

Umpire indicators - often mistakenly called counters or clickers, because of their clicking sound while turning - are essential in keeping up with strikes, balls, outs and with some indicators the inning or score as well. Umpire indicators are always referred to by their number of dials. A 3-dial records strikes,…

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Umpire Equipment Bags Buying Guide

Apr 8th, 2016

Because an umpire packs a lot of gear, clothing and accessories, they need a large bag. A regular old duffle bag will not do. Because umpires don't want to throw their soft clothing in with their hard umpire protective gear and dirty shoes, the double-compartment bags are the way to go. Because most…

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Umpire Jackets Buying Guide

Jan 4th, 2016

Let's face it. Umpire jackets are meant to keep you warm. It can get cold in the early part of your season, at night and in most areas farther away from the equator. There are more choices available in umpire jackets than ever before. No longer are jackets only available in one medium weight style.…

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Umpire Chest Protector Buying Guide

Jan 3rd, 2016

Note: the new force3 V2 umpire chest protector is not discussed in the buying guide. To be updated soon. Our apologies. The Basics Umpire chest protectors are perhaps your most involved gear choice. There is a large range of protection levels and size options, not to mention, protecting your vital body…

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Umpire Plate Shoes Buying Guide

Dec 27th, 2015

Take running shoes. How many brands can you name? I thought of 6 before I even began to think. Brands Now what about umpire plate shoe brands? If you are a veteran umpire, you can likely name more umpire shoe brands that are no longer being made (Spot-Bilt, Pentagon, Honig's, Davis, Pluspos and the…

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Umpire Caps Buying Guide

Feb 5th, 2015

Umpire caps are available in wool blend or pro mesh styles from Richardson. Most umpire caps are available in both black and navy. There are two sizes in umpiring hats. One is your standard cap size and the other is your bill length. Bill lengths are determined by the number of rings of stitches on the bill.…

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Umpire Mask Buying Guide

May 17th, 2014

Note: This mask guide is currently a little dated and is undergoing revisions. You may still find information of interest below in the meantime.-Jim With umpire masks, you normally pay more for lighter masks - especially those made with titanium frames, greater protection, better padding and increased…

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