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Pro Grade Magnetic "Book" Style 6" Umpire Lineup Card Holder / Game Card Referee Wallet

Pro Grade Magnetic "Book" Style 6" Umpire Lineup Card Holder / Game Card Referee Wallet

Brent R., North Little Rock, AR

Overall construction of the holder is FANTASTIC. It's sturdy and the magnets are perfect on those windy days. The only downside is that it doesn't quite fit in my ball bag like the older model I had, but I moved it to my shirt pocket and am good to go. I do wish there was a way to keep the pen/pencil in place without clipping it to the top so that it hangs out. Great Product overall!!

Force3 Ultimate Referee / Umpire Socks

Force3 Ultimate Referee / Umpire Socks

Brian J., Oak Hill, VA

Follow up to my original review - I used these Force3 socks from April to November. These things are pretty amazing. They never ever slid down even doing double headers in the hot summer sun. Excellent job of keeping your legs cool. Highly Recommend! ======================== I normally wear soccer socks at the plate so this is mostly a comparison between the two. Pros: 1) Extremely good job wicking away moisture. 2) Stay up well (had for 5 games so time will tell) 3) Very lightweight and comfortable. Cons: 1) Just a little too short for me. I'm 18" from my heel to the bottom of my knee. These (XL) are about two inches below my knee which means my upper strap is on my skin. Soccer socks go above my knee which protects me from the straps. 2) These aren't as thick as soccer socks so you don't get as much cushioning for your foot. However, since these are thinner they are cooler to wear, it's a trade-off you have to decide.

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