Basketball Referee Whistles & Lanyards

Make your call with a wide variety of basketball referee whistles for any level. We feature Fox 40 whistles with cushinoed mouth grips. Find them in black in classic and mini styles and pink and blue in classic for cancer awareness promotions.

Whistles blow at different levels of loudness. Match the level with your venue. Sonik Blast are the loudest at 120 db; Classic and Eclipse at 115 db; Mini at 109 db; and Pearl at 90 db.

Choose a referee lanyard to match your preference in neck (hanging), noose (adjustable) or Smitty (shirt clip-on) style. Some ECLIPSE whistles come with a lanyard and all others are purchased separately.

Filter by Style: Classic | Eclipse Epik PearlPTS | Sonik Blast
Awareness Whistles: Pink | Blue

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