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Ump Attire (UA) Ultimate V-Neck Referee Shirt

Ump Attire (UA) Ultimate V-Neck Referee Shirt

Willie Hoskins

I call at least 75 games a year at both high school and college level. After wearing this shirt one time I have never worn any other kind. When I only had one shirt, I would laundry it every night. I never need to wear an undershirt anymore. The shirt gives and moves with me when I raise my arms and still stays neatly tucked in my pants. Since wearing this shirt I don't even wear a flex belt and I still look as neat at the end of the game as in the beginning.

Official Footwear Patent Leather Referee Shoes

Official Footwear Patent Leather Referee Shoes

Ed, R.

I just purchased my 4th pair of Official's Footwear shoes. I WOULD NOT have bought a second pair, or a third if these were not the best basketball shoes for officiating I have ever tried. These shoes live up to the hype! I have not talked to an official who has tried them that hasn't liked them more than what they were wearing before. Truly a specialized product for us basketball officials! I doubt you would regret your purchase of them.

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