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Wilson Shock FX 2.0 Titanium Umpire Helmet

Wilson Shock FX 2.0 Titanium Umpire Helmet

Brian Cassidy , High School Umpire

I have always been a traditional mask user, and never seriously considered using a hockey style mask. During a summer tournament, I had the opportunity to try on a Wilson Shock prior to a game. I was surprised at how light it is, and how the field of vision really opens up. The most recent mask I have used was the Wilson Dynalite A3009 WV. I always liked the 3009's light weight and comfort. During the 2008 MLB season, there were a few umpires who were seriously injured while working the plate. Most, if not all of them, used a traditional mask. Near the end of the 2008 summer season, and after extensive research, I decided to purchase the Shock FX from I've used the Shock FX in five or six games of fall ball, and I have been very pleased with it. It is incredibly light, but the big selling point for me was the visibility that it offers over the traditional mask. A few reviewers of the Shock FX have said that it is "loud". During my US Navy service, I have had some hearing loss, and so I was somewhat concerned about the reviews that said it was tough to hear while wearing this helmet. However, I have not experienced anything like that; in fact, I have been able to quite easily hear coaches and players speaking to me. Overall, the Shock FX is a great piece of equipment, and I expect to get much more use of it in the upcoming spring season (I work the high school level). The Shock FX offers a great deal more security from foul balls and broken bats, and it offers far better visibility than the traditional mask. In my opinion, this is a great combination to have when working the plate. I recommend the Wilson Shock FX to anyone who is looking into obtaining a hockey style mask. I would also like to add that I purchased the Wilson Shock from because of the great service and assistance provided by the staff at Ump-Attire

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