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1 3/4" Hi-Gloss (Patent) Leather Umpire Belt

1 3/4" Hi-Gloss (Patent) Leather Umpire Belt

Chris W., Hamilton, 0

Just got this belt to replace my older belt and I love it so far. Overall a great product and looks sharp on the field as well. I recommend this thicker leather belt to anyone looking for a great looking and great feeling product on the field.

Majestic Cool Base Convertible Gamer Jacket - Black

Majestic Cool Base Convertible Gamer Jacket - Black

Cody T., Cupertino, CA

Perfect for a breezy day. It cuts the chill while on the bases and also looks sharp being worn behind the plate. One down side I must say is the sleeve's arm holes at the end, wish the elastic was a bit stronger and tighter. I find the sleeve when I have the extensions on, creeping up on the backside of my hands sometimes. Other than that, it is a extremely good product to have in my wardrobe.

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