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Wilson Pro Platinum Umpire Shin Guards

Wilson Pro Platinum Umpire Shin Guards

Tim , Central Florida

The Wilson Shin Guards are great. I recently worked a MABL/MSBL tournament and took a handful of shots off the guards without any problems.

NuttyBuddy Protective Cup and Jock Package

NuttyBuddy Protective Cup and Jock Package

Jeff , Maine

The Nutty Buddy should be the FIRST piece of protective equipment any umpire purchases. It is by far, the best decision I've made regarding the protection of "the boys." The review above which describes the difficulty a user had inserting into the pouch of a regular cup/supporter and his inability to get a good fit is strictly because the Nutty Buddy isn't designed to fit INSIDE a cup/supporter pocket. It is designed to fit OVER one's underwear or spandex shorts, and UNDER a plain jockstrap. It was designed to "float" and "move" with the wearer, making it comfortable, as well as keeping it right where it is supposed to be. It is SO comfortable I don't even feel it when I'm moving behind the plate AND when I'm working the bases. I wear it for both umpiring positions. I've taken a few foul balls directly into the Nutty Buddy, and have come up smiling. My partners who have witnessed this have gotten their own Nutty Buddy after seeing how well I have been protected on balls that would normally drop an umpire to his knees. If you wear your Nutty Buddy the way it was designed, you'll never do another game without it.

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