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Diamond iX3 Aluminum Umpire Mask with Quik-Dry

Diamond iX3 Aluminum Umpire Mask with Quik-Dry

Tyler W., Pearl River, NY

Great mask...replaced the pads with my Team Wendy pads and have taken numerous shots to the face and barley felt a thing...great quality especially for the price.

Diamond Silver iX3 Aluminum Umpire Mask with Quik-Dry

Diamond Silver iX3 Aluminum Umpire Mask with Quik-Dry

David T., Lansing, KS

I purchased this mask directly from Jim Kirk in the Ump-Attire warehouse when I visited them in Louisville upon my return from Afghanistan in 2011. Great lightweight mask. Visibility is great. Looks great. Took several hits off the mask over the past three summers and it has never dented or bent. The pads I replaced with Wilson black leather traditional pads I also purchased from Ump-Attire. I have never suffered any ill effects from the hits and I would recommend this mask to anyone at any level of umpiring. I would recommend replacing the pads if you work levels of baseball higher than 12 year olds just to be safe. Otherwise, no reservations about the mask or the harness. Great product and a great price.

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