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Shock Doctor Power Compression Shorts

Shock Doctor Power Compression Shorts

Alan , Nashville, Tennessee

Received this product a few days ago and used them for the first time in a game tonight. They were great! Very comfortable and most importantly, the cup pocket kept the cup in place throughout the night. No cup adjustments needed. Also my concern was the crossing support seams for the pocket possibly being irritating, and to my surprise they are completely flat and unnoticeable while you�re wearing them. Great product! Looking to buy the black pair soon!

1 3/4" Hi-Gloss (Patent) Leather Referee / Umpire Belt

1 3/4" Hi-Gloss (Patent) Leather Referee / Umpire Belt

Cody Thompson

Very good belt if you are looking for a patent belt. One note before buying this product it is true to size.

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