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Sizing for Protective Gear

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Chest Protector Sizing

When measuring for chest protector length, measure from your neck down to where you want the bottom of the chest protector to be positioned. Some say this is right at or above the belly button. It's really a personal preference that depends somewhat on your stance, level and experience.

See the Chest Protector Fit Guide (above right) as a reference.

If you need extra length, some chest protectors have an additional sizing plate or extension (see below).

For safety, please insure that you adjust your chest protector in such a way that

When you Get Your Chest Protector: Adjust the straps so that the chest protector fits snugly without sliding. Look in a mirror and check to make sure your collar bone and your ribs are protected while in your normal stance.

Note that hard shell chest protectors may take longer to conform in the shoulder area.

Here are our chest protectors and their lengths.

Chest Protector Lengths
  Length (inches)
Wilson West Vest Gold 11, 12 and 13

Wilson West Vest Platinum

10.75 and 12
Wilson Charcoal 13
All Star Stystem 7 12 and 15
Champro Pro-Plus Hard Shell 13, 14.5, 16
Diamond iX3 14
(18 1/2 with sizing plate)
Champro Pro-Plus 14.5
Diamond 16.5" 16 1/5

Wilson Gold Chest Protector
  Chest (inches)
S-M 36 and Under
M-L 38-44
L-XL 46-54
Measuring for the Gold is Different
If you like the length of the Gold, you have 3 chest size choices (Measuring Chest Size)

With your arms relaxed at your sides, measure around the fullest part of your chest, keeping the measuring tape level and parallel to the floor around both the chest and ribcage.

Umpire Masks

When you see a mask specified in inches (e.g. the 10" Dyna-Lite mask), this is the mask from the top of the top padding to the top of the bottom padding.

Therefore, 10" masks will be taller than 7" masks.

General Tips

  1. When in doubt, order the larger size if there is a choice between two sizes. The most returns we experience from protective gear are from the smaller sizes.
  2. When in doubt, order the middle size if there are three sizes.
  3. If you need it quickly and don't care to pay a little extra on return shipping, order 2 sizes and send the one that does not fit back for a full refund.

Measuring for Leg Guards
Measure your leg from center of the kneecap to bottom of shin.

Where does my knee go?
In general, the padding on the inside should provide a visual indicator.

Otherwise, it depends on which shin guard you wear. If a single-knee (1 top cap) or double-knee (2 top caps), you want your knee cap to rest in the topmost cap. If a triple-knee (3 top caps), your knee will go in either the middle cap or bottommost cap depending on the shin guard.


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