The Umpire School and Umpire-Empire Team Up!

Jun 20th, 2013

The Umpire School was started by the PBUC just a few years back but has quickly grown to be a well respected Umpire Schools.  Umpire-Empire is one of the leading online resources for Umpires and Umpire Associations.  It seems only right these two should align!  And that they did earlier this month

The Umpire School is now the Preferred Umpire School of Umpire-Empire which had previously alighed with another school.  It's funny, but a few years back when thinking about the business and players involved, I had the thought these two should join together.  It seemed like a good fit - both positive companies, promoting amateur umpires.  With this in mind, I made a point of introducing the key players at each company to each other.  It just took them a little longer to figure it and come to the same conclusion!  You could say I was the match-maker.

The TUS Executive Director, Justin Klemm, had this to say about the new relationship, "We look forward to growing our relationship with the umpiring community and this partnership with is an enormous step towards that goal...Our approach will be constructive and educational in nature and we look forward to being one of the many resources that Umpire-Empire offers to its members."

Warren Workman, owner of Umpire-Empire, added, "We believe this relationship will benefit not only the members of, but the amateur baseball umpiring community as a whole. We are thrilled that can be a part of The Umpire School's efforts to reach out to and engage with amateur umpires and look forward to working together with The Umpire School to build a long-lasting relationship."

We at are pleased to be supportors of both organizations and look forward to our continued involvement at The Umpire School as well as with Umpire-Empire.  Great resources coming together can only lead to better opportunities, knowledge and benefits for all of you in the profession of umpiring.

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